How You Do It

I’m taking a series of wellness classes centered around the principle of health being within our power to alter, elevate, and take power back over. One of the most enlightening moments of this ayurveda-focused workshop was finding out that there is one simple act, done consistently, which has the vast ability to put us on…

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Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Where Angels Fear to Tread


This week I became a little down due to all the negativity arising in news stories across social media platforms. There are a plethora of deep-seated issues coming up to heal right now, both on the micro and macro levels. Sometimes it can all become too much to handle. We as humans aren’t wired to…

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Snow Throws

I have a silly tradition with my cats: at the first sign of snow, I grab them as they line up for their morning eats or their afternoon treats and gently toss them into the yard wherever white fluffs have accumulated. This weekend as I managed to snag first my young orange guy and then…

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