Pushing Back Across the Boundary of Dignity

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Two and a half years ago, I met some modern-day child traffickers on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. At a business to be exact, then out in the streets, where they followed me, tried to intimidate me, and generally made it their business to let me know there was nothing I could do about the information I’d inadvertently discovered.

I made it my business to stop them anyway. I learned about how they operate: targeting individuals, teaming up within a community.

I pushed back, taking down license plates and walking right back up on them when they did so to me. I questioned their existence in my neighborhood. When I did, they quickly stepped back from me in denial.

This is key. Remember that last part.

What I can tell you is this: these people are both highly organized and highly chaotic. Their existence – which seemed to be above the law – also seemed to be teetering on the edge of a meltdown worthy of a middle school bully who gets sent to the principal’s office. They came at me with everything they had – and just as readily ran right back across the boundaries I set for them the second that they realized it wasn’t business as usual.

There’s a point to me sharing my story, and it is this: we have the choice to push back on all of the chaos happening in our country right now. And when we do, those who have made it a habit to avoid push back because they built their house on the sands of fear rather than the rock of human dignity will step right back across those boundaries we set for them. They’ll test us first though – just to make sure that we are serious.

So let’s get serious. It’s time. Our nation is filled with extraordinary human beings and it is also filled with soul sucking sociopaths. Those of us in the former category can only gain control back over those in the latter if we are willing to get really, really honest about the type of people who occupy our communities, run our businesses, and sit in positions of political, intellectual, legal, and spiritual power.

I learned that we have to employ bluntness when it comes to those who make it their business to step all over human dignity. They count on us avoiding the issue because it may seem too daunting. Let’s not oblige them. Name names. Push back. Learn – even if what you learn contradicts a deep-seated belief about how the world operates. Our silence is the reason that corruption can operate with impunity. Our collective roar is the reason why it runs back across that line.

6 Ways to Help Stop Corruption:

  1. Believe the survivors, even though their belief systems may be different than yours, and their memories may not be perfect.
  2. Share information on Social Media to spread the word. This is one way to help ensure that information falls into the “right” hands – hands that can help.
  3. Speak up about what you found, even if it takes a while for the people around you to consider what you discovered.
  4. Keep learning – the more pieces of the puzzle you have, the faster the corruption gets solved.
  5. Take your power back: Decide the outcome you want, and focus on that every day.
  6. Be patient. Corruption doesn’t take hold overnight, and it will take time and effort to end.

#Endchildtrafficking #EndCorruption

Independent Journalists and Survivors I follow doing research on this topic:





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