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Faith with a Capital Fearless

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The Warrior’s Road

Faith stands at that juncture where what is seen on the outside and what is pulsating on the inside are so at odds with each other that a decision has to be made. Will we see and therefore believe – or believe, and therefore see? Once we make the choice to believe in ourselves and create our own reality, belief one ups itself. It asks us to align every thought, idea, and action with an outcome that is still only in our mind’s eye. Then it asks us to stand down. And let Source take over the delivery details.

In other words, hurry up and wait. Tom Petty must have been in faith’s sitting room when he sang “The Waiting is the hardest part.” The titanium-like self-belief and tireless action toward our dreams that begins the process of creating our own reality has nothing on faith’s fiery flushing out of all our fears. The first part we control, so there’s less of the unknown. Faith is unknown in it’s entirety. It asks us to make best friends with holding space for our desired outcome.

Imagine becoming best friends with someone you haven’t ever seen before. It’s frightening and awkward, and everyone is telling you that this is the unwisest decision of your life.

Except your inner guidance. Your inner guidance is cheering you on like you’re on the 5 yard line about to score a touchdown with 10 seconds left, and the game is all tied up. That constant push-and-pull between our inner fears, outside world pressures, and Divine guidance makes faith feel like less of a spiritual experience and more like a ride on a four-wheeler with Crazy Cousin Eddie. That’s exactly why so many people hop off before it’s over.

So why stay on? I think the ones who stay for the whole crazy adventure have figured out that it was Crazy Cousin Eddie who turned a funny movie into a classic life lesson on being unapologetically ourselves that will be talked about for generations to come.




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