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It’s been about a month since I posted, having been knee-deep in some health writing that came to a sudden and surprising end – at least for now. The freelance world teaches a lot about putting your heart and Soul into a thing, and then moving on. Create, release, and let go.

Health, I think, is born from that space where we send our unique ideas out into the world, and then let our joy come from simply having created them. That joy is like an immune system boost that helps eradicate dis-ease and makes us stronger. And as we extend our creative endeavors out to the wider world, whatever new knowledge we gained from our efforts stays with us forever. So too does the growth that comes from our new insights.

I believe that the long-term effort to focus on being who we were meant to be – authentic creators –  is a key ingredient to our ever-increasing health, wellness, and resilience in the face of obstacles to success. When we add a dose of our dream to our daily lives, whether in big ways or small, we are really just recognizing our own worthiness and inherent Divinity.

This recognition makes it much easier to make healthier choices in all areas of our lives, and to grow into exactly who we want to be.




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Share the joy