Stepping Back From Social Media: Lessons and New Life Paths

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This past month I’ve made an effort to stay off of social media, and with the exception of YouTube, didn’t really miss it that much. Yesterday, I finally got back on to check notifications and realized that there are only a few key people with whom I interact regularly. The rest of my notifications were just peripheral and really didn’t require the kind of daily attention I was giving to them.

I learned a few things from my month-long fast:

  1. I’ve moved into a space in my life where I’m ready to have deeper, in-person interactions regarding my spiritual journey than the Internet can provide.
  2. I’m very grateful for having met a handful of purpose-driven people online. These are the people who I’ll want to ¬†focus my main attention on whenever I do check back in again on social media.
  3. My “fast” has allowed for more focus on my writing, and for finding learning resources out in the community.

Yesterday, I headed over to Bhakti House for an Ayurvedic basics class that turned into us all sharing our spiritual experiences and beliefs about our missions here on Earth. It was a very small gathering of three, and as is always the case with being vulnerable enough to be completely authentic, it held some “interesting” ideas from each of us. The core theme was centered around us each having a direct connection with Source, and listening to that guidance no matter how crazy or zany it may seem to others.

My favorite part was that the leader was forging her own path ahead in life by creating a small business that resonates with her Soul.

And that is really the main takeaway I have from stepping back from social media: that although the online world was instrumental in helping me launch my writing dreams, now it’s time for me to step back from it and step more into my making my purpose front and center. Kind of like the Byrds song Turn Turn Turn: “To everything, there is a season”.


With that in mind, I’ll be posting once a month on the blog, rather than once a week. I hope to bring in more in-depth posts that pass on what I’m learning about holistic wellness. My focus will be on learning to celebrate the Divine Feminine intuitive and cooperative ways, and on celebrating people out in the community who are taking charge of their own Destiny to create a more fair and purpose-driven world.

Until next month,



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