Writing Through the Tough

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What is it about Purpose that makes us give so much just to feel its Soul-soothing touch one more time? It can near drive you mad at times, this Purpose thing. They don’t tell you this in all the books and articles on the topic, but over time you grow protective of that thing that you were born to do. You stand up for your time and energy that you have to devote to it.

Maybe its that you come to realize that your Purpose has kept you alive through the roughest of times, and you feel compelled to return the favor. To somehow give to it even when those dual imps of time and energy have gone on vacation somewhere tropical and left you alone in the cold and the snow.

I got the flu for New Years. Not that sweet 24 hour kind that comes and goes before you’ve fully got acquainted, but the kind that lingers well past its welcome. That laughs in the face of your life responsibilities. It hit at that juncture when I needed good health the most because of everything I had to get done. I’ve never been mad at the flu before, but perhaps it’s a good sign that this time I’m ready to give it the big middle finger as I send it on its way. You see, it’s messing with my Purpose Time, that precious part of my life carved out for writing projects.

So, I’ve decided to mess back. To write through the tough, to lift up my Purpose like its done for me so many times.

A lot of people think that the benefits of never giving up come when you get exactly what you want. Not true. They show up well before that. They show up when you’ve got a deadline looming, a hacking cough, a deep yearning to sleep off your sickness, and a 40-hour work week looming ahead of you. They show up just like you did for your dream all those times – in the form of a righteous sort of strength that turns its nose up at tough, flips it the bird, and rolls out the skills you’ve bothered developing just like a Kung Fu Master.

In the midst of the worst of my illness about a week ago, I received an email response back from a client that read in part “work your magic.” Work my magic. That’s Purpose – equal parts work and magic. This is true of everyone’s Purpose.

I started this blog closing in on three years ago now to help encourage more people to find and fulfill their Purpose on Earth. Today, I wrote through the tough. My New Year’s wish is this: that more people stop plain-old working and instead start working their magic this year. Do it. Do it even if you don’t want to because its tough. Do it even if it forces you to humble yourself. Do it if all the odds are stacked against you. Do it because we need your magic sprinkled all over this world so that we can lift it up into a more beautiful one.

Happy New Year 2018 & Namaste,


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2 thoughts to “Writing Through the Tough”

  1. This article is spot on Kirstie.
    What a fabulous way to tell your story and encourage others to keep persevering regardless the circumstances.
    Obstacles (such as a sickness) can remind us to be grateful when we are healthy and just how powerful we are when we need to be.
    Thank you for your inspiring words and entertaining stories!

  2. Thank you Reni – and it’s true, it’s made me much more grateful for the energy that comes with good health! Happy New Year to you:-)

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