Stepping Back From Social Media: Week 1

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Last week I wrote about my 30 day #socialenlightenment experiment, to step away from social media for that time period. First, the successes:

  • I’ve stayed off of 4 of the 5 sites I regularly visit – FB, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest- all week!

YouTube was the only site I managed to get sucked into yesterday. To give myself credit I felt the pull to check out some videos on a social cause I’m interested in, to find out more perspectives on it and to understand the depth of the issue better. At least that’s what I’m telling myself…;-)

Still, I think that this week I’d love to completely step back from even YouTube because of the positive takeaways from cutting out the other sites this week:

  • I finally had time to get out to the park for a short walk
  • I fit a phone call in to my sister
  • I finished up a writing project, started a small re-do, read a book and a half on health and activism, and spent more time interacting with my “pet” family
  • I began to feel more positive about life again and laughed a little more

So this week the go is to go cold turkey on all social media – wish me luck! And let me know what your thoughts are on skipping the online socialization for a while in favor of more “real” world #socialenlightenment.



Share the joy

One thought to “Stepping Back From Social Media: Week 1”

  1. I remember the days before social media. More letters and cards were sent and received, phone calls were cherished and face-to-face conversation, common.
    Times have changed. The world has changed. We have changed. But that doesn’t mean we should dismiss common sense. Media has a powerful influence on everyone, discerning the truth is more important now than ever. Getting to know one’s true self is the only salvation from mediocrity and spiritual obscurity.

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