Snow Throws

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I have a silly tradition with my cats: at the first sign of snow, I grab them as they line up for their morning eats or their afternoon treats and gently toss them into the yard wherever white fluffs have accumulated.

This weekend as I managed to snag first my young orange guy and then “The Queen” as she prefers to be called, I watched as they excitedly dashed around the yard and then back inside to beat the cold. That’s when I tried to casually reach down to pick up my roommate’s cat. He’s now included in the tradition, but just like when it’s time to treat him with his flea medication, he was on to me. He dashed one way and then the other before wedging himself into that one spot under the dining room chairs that is impossible to reach unless you’re a circus acrobat.

As I delusionally convinced myself that I was indeed a circus acrobat and tried to contort myself beneath table legs and around seat cushions, he casually strutted out. I watched from my spot stuck between two chairs as he stood in the open doorway, put two paws on the first step down into the yard – and then full-on launched himself straight into that snowy landscape.

I laughed in surprise. It was a lesson learned: don’t wait for others to launch you into the unknown. Take your life into your own hands – or paws – and face the challenges and joys knowing you are in charge of your own destiny.



I will be on holiday for the Christmas season and will be back with new posts on Monday January 8th. I’ll be re-running one of my favorite travel series for the next few weeks. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!


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