Balancing Back to Respect: A Celebration of Women

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I have heard that there were ancient civilizations in which it was the women who predominantly held positions of leadership, in cooperation with several co-leaders. This cooperative system was set up to ensure that no one’s personal agenda had an undue influence on how the society was run.

Women, it was believed, had an knack for sharing their power. This one key trait was one considered worthy of great respect because it had a systemic effect that created harmony, abundance, and innovation-inspiring balance between the masculine and feminine energies within communities.

Anyone following the news of late has probably heard the slew of sexual scandals that are rocking politics, hollywood, and the mainstream media. These events are really just the culmination of many years of women regaining a balance of power in this world. We are now insisting en masse that anything less than the full recognition of our dignity will not be tolerated.

There’s a phrase that the Dalai Lama has been credited with stating: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” I’d extend that idea to all women. Across the globe, women are speaking out to refute life-destroying policies and cultural practices that allow for the massacre of Mother Earth, the trafficking of Human Beings, poverty, harassment, and the suppression of innovative ideas which could uplift humanity.

Another way to say this is that Momma’s home. And she’s had enough of this world’s ignorance surrounding Life’s Divinity. Women are the bringers of Life, and we’re bringin’ it. What we’re seeing right now is the unbalanced influence of “dominance over” being chased back across the boundary marked “inadmissible”. It’s a tough chase to be sure, but many women are standing up strong to ensure that there is no other option but success.

And as those ancient societies taught us so long ago, women’s success is everyone’s success.

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