It’s the Hard That Makes It Great: Accessing the True Golden Age

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There’s a classic line from the baseball movie A League of Their Own in which coach Jimmie Dugan answers star player Dottie’s entreaty about why she was quiting the league. “It just got too hard,” she lamented.

“It’s supposed to be hard,” shoots back Coach Jimmie. “The hard is what makes it great.”

In spiritual circles there’s a lot of talk nowadays about creating a new golden age, and then there is also the usurping of this idea by those who focus solely on the perceived benefits of such an era: an easy life, unending abundance, and few obstacles to success. But a Golden Age isn’t one in which the easy life prevails. Instead, it is one in which a fulfilling¬†life prevails. It’s not accessed by driving fast cars and wearing the latest fashions, but by finding a way against all the odds to utilize the God-given talents given to each and every one of us to help uplift the world.

Doing this is admittedly at times overwhelmingly, exceedingly, ridiculously and seemingly unendingly hard. But when we each do our part in the way we’re guided by Our Creator to push past the hard again, and then again, and yet again, well that level of tenacity eventually opens up an inner cascade of golden strength that is the true basis for a Golden Age. It flows forth because of long-term discipline, determination, and sometimes sheer unrelenting will. It flows forth when each of us never quits on our dream.

I saw a meme this week that said: “You can always quit, so why quit now?”

My thoughts exactly. I’m holding out for the true Golden Age.



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