Christ Consciousness Rising

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I’ve felt lately that there is a strong consciousness rising that refuses to view life from the perspective of old labels and paradigms. This inner choice to rise into more spiritual beings has dismantled the dam which was holding back the core issues which need healed in order to see a brighter, more sane world. Bandages on wounds will no longer be tolerated. Instead, we are gathering our courage to look directly at what is causing these wounds to appear in the first place.

Admittedly, what we’re finding out is at times shocking. It takes some integrating. Yet I would say that our collective willingness to call a spade a spade, and to work hard to create positive change using our own inner guidance is the very essence of Christ Consciousness. This Consciousness, in my viewpoint, is a rising tide that can no longer be contained.

This Christmas season, take joy in knowing that so many tough issues have been met head on by the tough-as-nails attitude that is embodied in those of us who don’t take the easy road. Those who value Spirit and human passion and cooperation have firmly planted our feet on this sacred Earth handed to us by the Creator, and declared it ours.

So breathe – in and out and in and out. Celebrate the success of our hard-earned movements forward that happened this year. Look around and congratulate yourself for your part in this! Drink some eggnog. Sing some carols. And know that we are knee-deep in positive change because we decided that it would be so.

Merry Christmas,




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