Being Inflexibly Flexible

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I had an interesting conversation today that touched on the nuances between compromising and remaining unbendable; being movable while refusing to budge. This sprang up from a discussion about Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, a book I admittedly have not read but which I was informed had a character who refused to bend his vision, his dream, no matter the consequences.

On paper this sounds like a noble idea, but it is my contention that those who come into our lives are here to help us augment our understanding of it all, to see life with more depth than we previously had, and thus to give us a clearer vision of our path ahead. After all, what dream fulfilled ever happened in a vacuum?

Bending one’s vision of a dream is the true noble idea. For this requires the courage and the intelligence to change our path – a thousand times if necessary – in order to grow into that person who we really are. It’s a tightrope walk of unbelievable strength, balance, and flexibility done while keeping one eye at all times on the platform ahead. And that platform will indeed change as we come closer to it, growing bigger and bigger right before our eyes.

Being inflexible about fulfilling a dream is an oxymoron. The very essence of a dream holds change and growth inside its DNA. Only when we are inflexibly flexible about our vision is it transformed into something worthy of the one who envisions it.



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