A Call to Action: Walking the Walk

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I was outside in my backyard the other day saying my morning prayers, and as sometimes happens when the Creator flows through Mother Nature and straight into me, I felt inspired to raise my arms in exaltation of the beauty and the Divine energy that I felt were present. The Great Spirit of God and of all things good felt very close to Earth on that particular morning as a gentle drizzle fell and the Earth smelled fresh like spring.

Then I heard one of the boys at the bus stop say I was weird for raising my arms up in exaltation, so weird for going outside and celebrating the beautiful morning. I knew he picked up this way of thinking from his parents, and just smiled to myself hoping that my “weirdness” would inspire him to channel his own inner “weird” too – in other words to not be afraid to be himself.

It brought to mind a meme I saw the other day on Google+. that asked the question: “How many problems in this world would be solved if we stopped talking about each other and started talking to each other?”

From my perspective,  here’s what I think is odd and a little weird. I think it’s odd that I’m the exception. I think it’s odd that more people aren’t outside in the morning with their coffee and their prayers for a wonderful day. I remember the stories my parents, who are in their late 70’s and early 80’s, told about growing up in Lorain. That part of Ohio is a hodgepodge of every type of background, religion, nationality, and belief system that you will find in America. And back then, all the people in the neighborhood sat outside on their porches or met each other on the street each day in community. Despite all of their so-called “differences” that they could have focused on, they chose instead to look at their united desire for a happy, healthy, and better world. They chose to look out for one another, to enjoy one another, and to create a true neighborhood support system by connecting with one another.

The boy at the bus stop brought to my mind something else as well: there’s a saying in U.S. political elections that states, “As goes Ohio, so goes the world.” What this means is that however Ohio tends to vote in national elections, that’s who will most likely win the top spot as leader of the free world. I always thought that was interesting because our state slogan also happens to be “Ohio, The Heart of It All.”

So today I’m sending out a Call to Action to my home state. Let’s see if we can inspire a nation, not politically, but with our hearts. Let’s talk to each other more, and about each other less. Let’s see if we can teach our kids and our nieces and our nephews to be curious about people’s differences rather than labeling them. Let’s do this by example, by celebrating people when they come out of their houses, by openly praying if that’s what you happen to be about, by talking to one another and with one another when we see each other on the street. Let’s make the unique aspect of the Creator that we each are be labeled not “weird”, but instead “grand”.

Because I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come into this world to conform. I came here to serve the Creator’s purpose. I came here to be free. I came here to be my own “weird” self, and inspire others to do the same. That’s the true “heart of it all” that our state slogan is talking about: self-determination, sovereignty, and the freedom to live life as our true selves without fear of censorship. We the People are the true leaders in this country and so the sooner we start uniting in community, the sooner we get the better world that we all crave.




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