Expecting Better

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I remember hearing a piece of advise many moons ago: that expectations can cause disappointment, and so it’s best to go into situations with no expectations of the outcome.

I’ve found there is some truth to this – yet this advice is missing a piece of the puzzle that leads to a positive life. While we never know how others will react to us, we would be wise to have one ever-solid expectation for each situation and person that we encounter. It is this: expect to treat yourself well. Because no matter what kind of negativity or chaos or misaligned misfortune is happening around us, we have the power to stand up and declare our right to fair and kind treatment.

This declaration is the essence of creating a better life for ourselves.

Sometimes this means confronting an issue head on, sometimes it means just walking away in order to walk into something better. Yet always, always, it means keeping in mind that core expectation that we treat ourselves well.

There are many ways to do this, such as speaking up for justice or setting boundaries of what we will and won’t accept from others. Yet the most powerful way to do this is by giving our main energy supply to those who add to the peace in our world.

So if you find your thoughts spiraling down the rabbit hole of negativity, remember those who really deserve your thoughts and attention, and refocus back on them. Because it is exactly this refocus on what makes our world good that gets us that much closer to all the good that is in this world.



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