The Neutrality Factor

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We all crave more peace and unity, especially in a world that seems to have so much chaos and discontent happening in it right now. The good news is that our collective consciousness can shift the world into exactly what we want to see – and our collective consciousness is simply made up of each of our individual consciousnesses.


The Neutrality Factor is a twofold process that gives us the power to make the shift to a more abundant and harmonious world not only possible, but actually inevitable. It starts with choosing to align our life with the “side” of good. Then we must recognize that this side of good isn’t really a “side” at all, but instead it is the inherent nature of all Life. There is a Divine Spark in each and every one of us, even in those who seem to have disharmonious intent. Neutrality, then, just means choosing to speak to, and act towards, the Highest part that is within everyone.

This is no easy task, to be sure.

So how do we practically move towards this way of being in order to achieve unity? First, we don’t pretend if we’re feeling less than neutral. If people have gotten under our skin, the last thing we should do is try to  “fake” being positive. Instead, we find neutrality by sitting in our so-called negative emotions. This isn’t about wallowing in them, but instead it’s about finding out their source.

What I mean is this: anger, resentment, and fear most likely served us well at one time or another in life as we were learning to attract better things into our world. During these times, we had to navigate through tough situations, and these emotions served as indicators of what we did and did not deserve.

Yet once these tough situations get resolved, a lot of us hold onto the anger, fear, and resentment. We think we will somehow lose our hard-earned progress along our path if we let them go. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and actually leads to a dualistic type of thinking. It’s an “us vs. them” mentality that only serves to keep us stuck in an endless cycle of blame.


Finding the source of our so-called negative emotions simply means that we acknowledge that they are there to assist us in evolving. They are not there to be used to point our fingers in blame towards others. When we acknowledge this, then we have created a space where we can express heartfelt gratitude to these emotions for helping to lift us up into a better life, one that is more aligned with our goals. And then, rather than hanging onto them,  we send them out of us and straight into the Light to be transformed into Love.

It is from this space of learning from our so-called “negative” emotions, and then letting them go, that we can move into a beautiful new space of neutrality. This movement takes place because we have had to do the hard work of forgiving both ourselves and others in order to learn our lessons and then let go of the emotions that helped shape these lessons. Forgiving is really just another way of saying that we are acknowledging the good that is within everyone, ourselves included.

This is how choosing good moves from “choosing sides”, to choosing the neutrality of Unconditional Love. “If God is for us, then who can be against us?” is simply a rhetorical question that means that God is for everyone and in everyone.


We all experience times when we’re feeling positive about our fellow human beings and our own ability to stay in a space of peace and love. During these centered and harmonious times, it’s immensely uplifting to send out unconditionally loving energy to our family, friends, and community – regardless of their beliefs, actions, or opinions. Practicing neutrality in this meditative way is one of the most powerful forces for accelerating Unity consciousness.

Simply turn inward, connect with the Creator of all Life, and then allow yourself to radiate out unconditional love. In this way, we can each have the honor of actively participating in the movement upwards towards a world in which Higher Consciousness thrives.




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