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I’ve had the wonderful honor of being nominated by AllWrite? Facebook Group Owner Debbie Jinks for the ever prestigious and oh-so-coveted Sunshine Blogger Award. It comes with bragging rights and the chance to nominate other awesome bloggers for the same top prize. You can see my nominees at the bottom of this page, and don’t forget to check out Debbie’s hilarious take on the award here!

Since the nomination is geared towards fiction writers and I write solely nonfiction, I decided to take my niche of personal development and answer the required questions as ‘Old Me’– that pre-confident, mess-in-a-dress chick who was determined to grow into someone more aligned with my goals.

Older, less mess-in-a-dress me will play the part of ‘The Author’.

Without further adieu, here’s my ‘acceptance speech’, based on the questions the wonderful and creative Debbie Jinks provided for me:


  1. Do you think your author should have given you a special talent like being a time traveller, or a mathematical genius for example? I actually am quite bitter about my lack of math skills that she provided me with. Although I can add like a boss, it would have been nice if she concentrated a little more time on Pythagoreum theorems, and a little less time on social media cat videos. Still, I love the fact that she could see into the future enough to create a better version of me for herself. She’s got a great sense of inner direction, not to be outdone by her complete lack of driving direction! Thank God for GPS.
  2. Does your author think she’s in control or can you make her do your bidding? Just when she starts to believe she’s got this whole life thing all figured out, I tend to rear my ugly head to remind her that she’s still got more work to do on herself. I’m a bit of an ego-check for her quite frankly, and I relish my role. But she tends to have the upper hand now and I’m OK with that most of the time, as long as she doesn’t forget where she came from!
  1. What is your least favourite character that she has written into the story? Well there were a few jaw-droppingly awful dates she went on post-divorce that she probably could have skipped. Maybe got her nails done instead. But hey, everybody comes into our lives for a reason right? So even these guys taught her something about what she does and doesn’t deserve.
  1. If you could be a different character who/what would you be? She’ll probably get a big head when I say this, so I’m hesitant to admit it. But in the interest of full disclosure, I’d probably be her. She’s learned a lot about loving herself, gratitude, and discipline over the years. One ‘character’ change I’d make would be to improve her diet– she’s still got a huge obsession with Grippos Brand BBQ Potato Chips and a sweet tooth to rival Betty Crocker.
  1. Do you like the world she has built around you? If not what would you change about it? I love the world she’s built around me. We’re only a few steps away from achieving all of our dreams. She’s made a life where, although she’s made mistakes, her willingness to improve upon these errors means she has no regrets.
  2. Has she given you a lover? Are you happy with her choice? She hasn’t yet because she has this thing about “attracting the right partner.” Blah, blah, blah. I say let’s get on with it already. But she’s determined not to settle. To her credit, I will say that she has made a lot of good choices about who to let into her life and who not to. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. So I’ll concede this point to her – for now.
  1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I’d travel more! I want to visit Slovakia, Germany, Egypt, China, Peru….the list is endless. I’m waiting for her to write these places into our life – hint, hint.
  1. Do you think she has made you sound pretty/handsome or should she have worked harder on that? As a writer, she tends to spend too much time in 10-year old sweats and the same pair of Birkenstocks from circa 2005. I’d definitely encourage her to get a little more fashion savvy and change up the wardrobe a little bit. I think I’m making headway though – I recently caught her looking at some new clothes in a catalogue {gasp}. So I’m hopeful about the ‘attractiveness factor’ improving.
  2. What habit does your author have that really irritates you? She lacks patience. It’s been a lifelong thing. Like for one example, she wants to be a bestselling author, but tends to beat herself up when she isn’t experiencing any professional breakthroughs. You know, these things take time to blossom. She’s sometimes too hard on herself, and that’s when I step in to remind her how far she’s come along the path to achieving her goals.
  3. Do you think your author is a talented writer? Or could she do with taking a few courses? Yes, and yes. She’s got natural writing skills that she’s worked on to form into a talent for the written word. But all good writers are continual works in progress, so of course classes would be beneficial!


Here are my 10 questions for my nominees:


  1. Does your author insist on changing you all the time, and if so how do you handle these plot twists?
  2. What habits does your author have that he/she has passed onto you?
  3. Are there words your author overuses that make you wish for a thesaurus and a vocabulary lesson?
  4. If your author could send you on an adventure anywhere, what place(s) would you travel to?
  5. What are your author’s favorite foods?
  6. What’s the biggest improvement your author has made to your life?
  7. Who in your story has had the biggest influence on you?
  8. Name one pet peeve you have about your author.
  9. If you could visit one other genre for a while, which one would you choose?
  10. What’s your author’s biggest writing strength?


And, drumroll please, here are my nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award:


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Jordan Ring, Passion vs. Reality

Reni & Rick, Eden’s Corner

Lorenza – and Buffy and Fluffy! Life and Dog Stuff

Jennifer Potts, Jen’s Rising Sun Fitness Blog

Eric S. Burdon, ESB Blog





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4 thoughts to “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

  1. Oh Wow Kirstie! Firstly, congrats on your Sunshine Blogger Award. It was so much fun to read. Great idea on the old you answering. Lol. It is definitely well deserved. Thank you for spreading our light. I admire people who do that.

    Secondly, thank you so much for nominating us. Fluff especially loves getting these awards. We appreciate it so much.

    Buff, Fluff and Renza

  2. Hi Lorenza, I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece,! You can tell Fluffy that it was really him I had in mind when I nominated the 3 of you, but I didn’t want to hurt your and Buffy’s feelings;-) (I kid of course) I can’t wait to read your “nomination speech”!

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