Change It Up

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I’m working on a freelance manual right now, a rather extensive project that covers several subjects in the wellness arena. And because of the depth and breadth of ideas that are constantly coming to me across all these subjects, and then flitting back out of my head like a flighty school girl, there are times when I find myself wondering too much about the big picture. How will I ever pull it all together? My overwhelm sometimes starts kicking in, trying its darndest to take over the project like a boss.

But here’s something I’ve learned from the lean years as a freelance writer: change it up. Creative change is to clarity as a cool glass of water is to a sun-drenched hiker. It renews the spirit and reminds us that life isn’t meant to be so linear. Great ideas, or even good ones, don’t come from pushing when we’re meant to pull back. We can write that masterpiece novel – but in between we can have fun imagining what the cover will look like. We can create superb content for our business documents – but also take a break to find the perfect design template to highlight our hard working words.

Change is good, and creative change is the breath of fresh air that discipline needs to renew itself. So change it up my friends, and watch as your shift in focus takes your project and fits all the pieces of the puzzle together for you…all in its own nonlinear, beautiful timing.




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