Random Sagittarian Bluntness: No Better Time

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There are days, and then there are those days. Those days when you feel like everything is falling apart. Those days that you feel that you are up against some of the most malignant people on the face of the Earth. And those “days” are the culmination of days, weeks, months and maybe even years of trekking through the muck of life. And today is mine.

I tend to do a lot of thinking in the midst of traffic, and after much playing of ping pong with my thoughts, have decided that I don’t like traffic. This might seem obvious, but how many times do we sit in traffic–year after year and decade after decade–and throw ourselves back into it, the very next day? I am guilty of this pattern and decided that I don’t wish to spend the rest of my life in traffic. I don’t wish to read random license plates and try to make words out of them because I am bored. I don’t wish to continue to stare into my rear view mirror and see lines of people just like me trying to make a living to maybe have a fraction of a life.

While most of my thoughts about traffic tend to be not so nice, I have decided to use most of it as brainstorming time. In the quiet of my 2 MPH creep on the interstate, I can spend that time lamenting my loss of productivity and silently envying the cars exiting that are closer to their destination than I am, or use that time to plot my permanent exit from the rat race. I am choosing the latter.

I have come to the conclusion that it is time to follow my passions. This won’t be a quit cold turkey and run through the meadow without care kind of move–those days were for my twenties. But when I think about how much I have hustled to just end up punching the clock, it gives me an odd kind of happiness. What would happen if I put that kind of energy into the business of following my dreams? What would happen if the daily goals I achieved were mine? And what would happen if this line of cars actually moved?

Seriously? You don’t need that much space! The rest of us want to get home!!!! Gooooooooo!!!!

Sorry about that….

I am anticipating the follow up to this post in the near future with the news that I am opting out of the rat race for good.



Image credit: Pixabay


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