Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Enough

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I am not going to address one incident or cast blame on one person or one group of people. I have been silent not because of indifference, but because of a sadness that I have felt many times before.

I know this division is the fruit of lies planted in the souls of people and allowed to take root and grow–not just in national or international ways but in the ways we deal with each other from day to day. From sideways glances filled with judgement, the withholding of love, and sides taken.

It is in the malice, hatred and prejudices that we so willingly pour into the bright eyes of children who look to us all for the answers to this world they must navigate. We take beautiful souls and teach them to love one more than another, to choose sides and deny what is inherently there by birth and by right as members of the human race.

We crown ourselves as leaders but take no stock in the daily prejudices we cultivate in our own homes–destroying the foundations of love and stability for selfish gains that neither enrich or protect, but falsely glimmer as some self-fulfilled prophecy of worthiness.

Our true jewels are our humanity, our compassion, our willingness to step outside of ourselves to sow these seeds into the hearts of loved ones and in those whose hearts we incorrectly deem as not our family.

If all lives matter, then let’s act like it. Let’s put down the unnatural weapons of hate and be what we were created to be by birthright and by all things created from light, and cultivated by nature to thrive.

We are given this life to leave it better to the ones that remain after we, to dust, return. And if that is not your motive, search self to find out why. But the rest of us shall continue about the business of turning hate into love, prejudice into progress, and peace into reality.

I am not going to argue about stone men, sides and sound bytes. I am not going to debate about who, what, where and when. We all have 24 hours in each day to make a difference in the lives of others and this world–and none of those hours are promised.

Are you talking hate and division? Are you choosing sides? Or are you being about the business of humility and love and peace within every heart you come in contact with.

I am a proud member of the HUMAN race and will not stop or change who I am for agendas or greed or division of ANY kind.

And I hope, that you are and always will be beside me.

One Love to you all. You are ALL my family.


image credit: Pixabay

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