Celebrating Self-Esteem

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Sometimes we get so busy as souls on a spiritual journey focusing on our growth, that we forget to celebrate just how far along our personal paths that we’ve actually come.

This is a true story: when I first left my parent’s house at age 17, I didn’t set a goal to be a doctor or a lawyer. I had some vague notions of being a journalist, but what I really remember deciding on was that I needed to go out there into the big wide world and somehow get some self-esteem. Even at this young age, I knew intuitively that this was my most important goal, one that would need to usurp all the others if I ever hoped to achieve anything else.

It’s been a years-long journey to arrive at a place where my confidence is something I’m proud of. This afternoon as I sat down to write, I was tired. Admittedly, I didn’t have a topic in mind and was half wishing the post would write itself so I could do some binging on nerdy spiritualist-type YouTube videos! Then I remembered that a few weeks ago I got an email from a fellow blogger asking me to contribute my thoughts on self-esteem. I’d quickly thrown together my two cents, and then moved on with my life.

But today I realized I’d done it wrong. You see, I forgot to celebrate: to celebrate that someone would actually ask me to provide my insights into self-esteem. Because former self-esteem-less 17-year-old me would have given her left arm to know that one day I’d be considered a confident enough person to be asked to provide such advice.

So without further adieu, I present to you blogger Jordan Ring’s piece by a team of writers all on our own path to greater freedom through confidence: 19 Ways to Conquer Low Self Esteem: 19 Influencers Chime in.

Thank you Jordan for asking this former “wannabe” to contribute her thoughts.




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4 thoughts to “Celebrating Self-Esteem”

  1. That is what they call the reverse gap and it is an excellent tool for self development. Looking into the past and seeing how far you have come…


  2. Hey Kirstie,

    You were one of the first people I thought of to provide some good ol’ fashioned enlightment. I am happy to have met you in the blogosphere, and happy to have you contribute. Here’s to more collaboration to help make this world a better place! -Jordan

  3. Jordan, likewise – we were “newbie” bloggers together, and I couldn’t think of a better Soul to have met at the beginning of this journey. Cheers to many more collaborations!

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