An Eclipse of Consciousness

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Today people far and wide are reconnecting with the Earth, remembering to celebrate our celestial beginnings, and coming together in community to focus on the grand design of our magnificent Universe.

Perhaps it is this much-needed connection to the whole that makes this solar eclipse the perfect energetic gateway to create a magnificent new way of being on this planet. The power of people coming together to bear witness to our Sun and our moon aligning with the dual Suns of Sirius is a rare cosmic event that is also a supreme opportunity to create anew. We can use our collective thoughts and our powerful energy as Divine Beings of Light to set forth the positive intentions we’d like to see unfold in our world, intentions that promote healing, respect, and the Higher Consciousness of Unity.

Let’s follow the lead of these great celestial bodies, and all line up together to rise above our perceived differences; to stand together for peace and purpose; and to promote the kind of love that isn’t deterred by the divisive storms of discord, but is bolstered by them to rise to new heights of greatness.

When we put on our solar glasses, let’s also put on our highest heart and minds, and bring down onto our Mother Earth the Light needed to walk hand in hand as unique aspects of our Creator, united for freedom, and thus unstoppable in our ability to align each of our lives with our grandest dreams.

This is my hope and my heartfelt prayer.



August 21, 2017

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