A Mammoth Undertaking Made Manageable

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There’s a classic song by Fleetwood Mac called The Chain that laments love lost due to disloyalty, and its scorn-laden lyrics resonate with millions of people who have experienced the loss of a relationship.

Yet there are times when ‘breaking the chain’ means something else entirely: it’s a breaking away from past patterns of behavior and beliefs that leave us stuck in an endless cycle of negativity and frustration. Making this kind of break is no easy task to be sure, but when we make the choice to do this for ourselves, we’re really doing it for our family and ultimately the entire world. This is because we’re able to pass on a new chain, one that connects with patterns of love, abundance, and a life filled with purpose and passion.

This kind of chain breaking and rebuilding is a mammoth undertaking. How can we choose to step away from old patterns of behavior and build a life that is not only aligned with our dreams, but is also an inspirational example for others to follow?

Learn from the Masters – Life Masters

Start simply by taking a look at those who have been where we are now. This may sound intuitive, but when we are working on re-patterning our lives we naturally turn to the people closest to us to help us. Yet these are also often the people who are part of the old, negative patterns that we’re trying to get rid of. If this is the case, they will only reinforce our limiting beliefs about our lives and our ability to fulfill our dreams.  Instead, begin to slowly gather around yourself people who have had similar experiences and emulate their behaviors.

Take time to practice what you’ve learned

Not every piece of advice we receive from others will work for our lives. Our job is to apply what does work for us and leave the rest behind. This requires practice because we sometimes don’t know what’s good for us when we first start to shift into a more positive life – all we know is what we have always done. And our old, patterned beliefs may seem to have great short-term positive benefits, but they really don’t help us make progress toward our long-term goals (think of eating a slice of cake when you’re dieting – it temporarily gives you a high, but is detrimental to your stated goal). It takes time to work out the details of ‘chain breaking’ in order to rise into a more empowered life. So be patient with yourself, and enjoy the process of getting to know what does and doesn’t work for you.

Teach what you know

One of the great joys of getting yourself into a happier life is getting to pass on what you learned to others. The life hacks you picked up along the way are valuable tools that can help those around you – but only if you share them. Doing this is like feeding your Soul a decadent desert filled with richest ingredients because it is by sharing our knowledge that we get to see the fruits of our labors spread out into the wider world.

Stay humble

Just as the student eventually becomes the teacher, the teacher should always also remain a student. Expanding our minds doesn’t have an expiration date, but instead is a lifelong process of stretching past the perceived limits of our existence to reach new heights of expansiveness.



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