The Priceless Gift

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Last week was a rough week for me. We’ve all experienced hitting that proverbial wall, and last week was my turn to run smack into that space where everything is just too much.

Lots is written and spoken about “moving on up” in this world. Most of it revolves around getting that bigger house, a nicer wardrobe, and better stock option payouts. This week, though, I was pleasantly surprised to experience from both a close friend and complete strangers the kind of upward movement I’ve been working so hard to see unfold in this world.

This week I got to experience the Higher Consciousness of Compassion. It was thrown freely at me just because I needed it. No strings attached, no ulterior motives, just people connecting with the Soul of another person. It’s why I started this blog, and our businesses, in the first place. And it’s why I’ll continue on with them even in the face of the latest batch of challenges. Compassion is why I’ve been able to get back up over my wall after it bruised and battered me a bit.

This week I was proud to be part of a world that seems to have made a hard-earned shift into a place where people come first, and I am endlessly grateful for this.

Thank you all for coming through for me, and for doing the same for this planet that we live on. Thank you for making the selfless choice to give without any guarantee of receiving. And thank you for renewing the spirit of good so that it can continue to spread into every dark nook and cranny, and to Light up all the other Souls who are in need of Compassion’s great strength.

This week the world is a much brighter place. Thank you.





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