Manifesting Magic: Healing the Inner Child

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This month I’ve been doing some healing around an issue that for far too long I’ve kept under wraps: pulling back up to the surface the magic inherent in “little me”, which has been stuffed down for far too long. You see, like a lot of people, I came from a time and place where childhood wounds were meant to be soldiered through and not talked too much about. My determination not to play the victims to these wounds also played a role in the inadequate amount of attention I gave to them.

But as is often the case when we’re on a path of self-discovery, my efforts to improve one area of my life ended up dredging up shadows in a whole other area. I was focused on manifesting a life more aligned with my dreams, an area that a lot of us can relate to as challenging and at times frustrating. What came up for me was a clear message to go back in time and remember how imaginative I was as a little girl, to focus on what I loved to daydream about before my spirit had been piled high with outside programming telling me how I “should” be.

I began to understand that my aversion to dwelling in the past, though well-intentioned, had been taken too far. My lack of examination of my childhood had led to a suppression of my own inner magic. That spark of my Divine Child who loved to imagine an amazing world of lucky numbers, leprechauns at the end of rainbows and maybe one day spotting an actual real-live unicorn (I’m still holding out hope!) needed to be reignited.

And so after some prayer, I was led directly to a set of beautiful healing meditations from life coach Lisa A. Romano. She teaches techniques to validate oneself to those whose childhoods have been set against a backdrop of sometimes tough situations. We all have scars and situations to heal from, and I’ve included a link to her free YouTube meditation playlist that you can check out to see if they resonate with your healing needs.

I’ve been following her recommendation to listen to a meditation from the list once a day for a minimum of six weeks. I can tell you this: on day three I was contacted for an interview at a spiritual center that I’d sent my information to a few months back. The point of telling you this is to say that if there’s something you’re stuck on, something you can’t seem to evolve past, don’t give up. I’m amazed that just a small shift in my consciousness has manifested for me something so aligned with my goals, after years of manifesting struggles. So keep digging, keep evolving, and keep going. We’re all here to learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves, one small stumbling step at a time.

I’d love to hear what your “breakthrough” moments have been on your journey along the enlightenment path.

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