The Light at the End of the Tunnel

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They say it’s always darkest before dawn. And when you’ve been through darkness and come out the other side, sometimes you are the only one who sees the first rays of sunrise – and that’s ok.

When the light at the end of the tunnel first appears to you, don’t be thwarted by the last few curve balls life throws at you. They are merely the darkness’ last ditch efforts to derail the inevitability of your rising.

Remember to remain thankful for all you’ve been given, humble at how the Universe has conspired to help you, and focused on the great things you’ve accomplished in order to be honored by life’s Light. Be ready to give back, and help bring those who helped you up into that Light, even if they haven’t yet glimpsed it themselves.

Pull on the inner strength you’ve gained along your journey and the joy that is the result of doing the hard work required to heal your shadows. Rise even as darkness insists one last time that you lay down and give up all you’ve laid the foundation for. Remember that this foundation is made from your sacrifice, sweat, and courage, and that it will always be there waiting for you to build upon it.

Let your mind settle on that Light you’ve glimpsed, and never look away – for it is your guidepost into all you’ve ever dreamed possible.





Share the joy