The Magic of Gratitude: A regular Thankfulness Practice switches our seemingly endless worry into a winning attitude.

Thankfulness: Does It Really Work?

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Spoiler Alert: Yes, yes it does.

See, a regular Thankfulness Practice switches our seemingly endless worry into a winning attitude. I’ll give you an example. I woke up this morning with such a long to-do list that overwhelm started to kick in. But thanks to my Thankfulness Practice that I’ve been working on since winter, another automatic response kicked in to override that overwhelm.

The Magic of Gratitude: A regular Thankfulness Practice switches our seemingly endless worry into a winning attitude.

To explain, let me give you a quick snapshot of what was on my task list:

  1. Write a blog post for Monday, topic still unknown (“God, help, what do I write about?!”)
  2. Work on my book for a set period of time
  3. Work on formulating an upcoming series of courses
  4.  Pre-schedule via Hootesuite some social media marketing, and
  5. Finish my cross-promotions in 2 different Facebook groups from Friday/Saturday

“AAAAAAAH”, went my stress levels when I contemplated this list. But then….

“Isn’t it awesome that every single one of the tasks on this list is a creation of yours?” That thought kicked in without me even having to try to refocus on gratitude.

And it was true – my blog, my book, my course ideas, even the Facebook groups and Hootesuite marketing – they were each and every one of them part of the dream I have created for myself from scratch. Yet without a regular Thankfulness Practice, it would have been a lot more difficult to remember that stellar fact in the face of all that I had to do.

Thankfulness, then, is that glass half-full secret sauce that everyone longs to have but most of us struggle to maintain when things get really, really real.  Yet when we make room in our lives to make it a habit, getting everything accomplished goes so much more smoothly. Stress gets kicked to the curb, and truly enjoying each moment takes its place. This isn’t to say that overwhelm never shows up again, but it rears its ugly head less because thankfulness allows for a deeper connection with happiness, peace, and celebrating life’s creations.

Here are a few thankfulness hacks that can be done quickly, and have a big impact on your life:

  1. Keep a thankfulness journal to jot down your gratitude at the end of each day.
  2. When you wake up each morning, think of 5 things you’re thankful for before getting out of bed.
  3. Stop throughout the day and say out loud to others how thankful your are for them – this includes people, pets, Mother Nature, and even appliances! It may seem silly, but I regularly thank my refrigerator for keeping my food fresh, and my car for always running.

“Gratitude turns disappointment into lessons learned, discoveries made, alternatives explored, and new plans set in motion.”

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8 thoughts to “Thankfulness: Does It Really Work?”

  1. Oh gosh, yes. I love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal. Even if it just means adding a few sentences in it each day. It truly makes my life happier when I pause and realize how truly abundant my life is.

  2. I am so on this path today. I want to learn to be more in the moment and practice gratitude more! I was talking to my aunt earlier about gratitude journals. I think it’s time to start one for myself. I also love the idea of thinking of five things you are grateful for before your feet even hit the floor in the mornings! I need to make these part of my daily living!

  3. Divya, Corey, Alexa, Danielle, Leslie, and Brooke – beautiful comments today, THANK YOU! I’m so blessed to have such compassionate bloggers as you all to inspire me to keep up my gratitude practice:-)

  4. Another great blog post, love it. I try and practice thankfulness on purpose as I have found it helps me feel calmer and more grounded.

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