Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Uncommon Royalty in Common Places

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When I am lost, I look to her for guidance and with a loving hand and gentle but firm words she shepherds us through the darkness of our souls. And when we emerge from our loveless cocoon of despair holds our faces to the light and says,

“There, don’t you see how beautiful you are?”

And through eyes near closed from tears, she shows us our beauty once more. She shows us what we had long forgotten was there by birth, by God and the stars.

She is a North Star and twice as lovely. Her gift of measured words and unconditional love is otherworldly.

I have been a recipient of her gift and have seen many comforted by her spirit–stirred forth to weeping like children in her presence–while I, frozen, wide eyed and amazed at her capacity to love all and harm none.

I call her Queen not just as a term of endearment, but because she embodies the depth, length and breadth of the title. To witness her work humbles me, and to witness her spirit–it hangs a star from the upper realms of heaven in which to aspire.

She inspires me in her presence and absence. And though she possesses none of the things this world calls valuable, I care not because she alone is more precious than rubies–more valuable than all the trinkets this world tosses to persuade us of our worth.

Because of her, I am.

Because she lives, I continue.

And because of her light, I see my worth when I only saw darkness.

She is my mother and because of her, I know that love is spirit in action.

Because of her, I know what selflessness is.

And today I salute her, for just being who she is by birth and by nature.

Wisdom not of this world, but because of it others stand in a spotlight she is willing to stand outside of.

Because she derives joy from the success of others.

And because of her, my wings once clipped, spread and lift me and many others to soaring.

You are a mother, but to me you are the world.

Love you.



Image credit: Pixabay

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