Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Just Remember

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For diamonds are made from intense pressure and gold, unbearable fire.

I thank my lineage for fashioning me from stronger things that serve me well.

These things come not from the world but from the spirit.

Knocked down, get back up, rinse and repeat.

Abuse did not stop me.
Illness did not break me.
Homelessness did not own me.
Divorce did not defeat me.
Betrayal did not drown me.
Setback after setback does not name me.

I am closest to people who are strong at the broken places and do not celebrate the destroying of others.

I break bread with people who to the world are flawed but possess some of the deepest and most compassionate hearts.

I keep close those people who have tasted tears but find reasons to reach out to others.

I am not a perfect person, but am imperfectly perfect in my own unique ways and thank the people who are real, true and working to make this world better bit by bit.

Because I am made from stronger stuff and at my darkest times had only that to whisper to myself over and over and over again…until I believed it.

And I still do.

And if you don’t, I believe it for you too.

You are made of stronger things.

And are a celebration of light and spirit and stars colliding to make unique and everything possible.

The night is never too dark to see your way forward.

And today I tell myself that and whisper to myself once more…

–image credit:Pixabay/Trina Noelle

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2 thoughts to “Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Just Remember”

  1. This is pure perfection – the poetry and prose are amazingly uplifting and inspiring, and I’m just sitting here reading it over and over while smiling and thinking Yes!

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