Random Sagittarian Bluntness: A Sorta, Kind of Fairy Tale

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A story about a night, 25 years ago, when what could’ve been a pumpkin of an evening turned out to be everything but that.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her high school prom was coming up and she really wanted to go.

The problem was that she had no one to escort her and thought that her Senior Prom was going to be like her Junior Prom where she stayed home and thought all night about the fun she was missing.

She troubled the water of her mind over and over until she had an idea. You see, she had recently taken a trip to see one of her friends in college and had met someone.

And at the end of her stay, had received an invitation for a date, should she arrive back in that town–two hours away from her castle.

She mulled this suggestion over and over in her mind and when she came to the conclusion–knew exactly what she had to do.

Her ball was in about 2 weeks and everyone in the kingdom who planned to go was already certain about everything–what they were wearing, tickets and all. All she had was a dream and a willingness to take a leap of faith.

So she grabbed her royal notebook and pen and began to write a letter. When she was finished, she found an envelope, put money on top to pay the postage, alerted the mail carrier by putting the flag up on the royal mailbox and sat with her nerves until the letter and her plan was underway.

It was out of her character to be the one to ask such a thing of someone she barely knew, but in her eighteen year old heart knew she had to try.

A couple days went by until she had a phone call.

The prince from the town had received her letter and accepted her request to honor their date, but on one condition–if no one would take her to the ball he most certainly would.

This was as good as a yes, she thought and promised to let him know if she was asked–which she knew was next to impossible–but was flattered at his not understanding why someone wouldn’t ask her to go.

More days passed and the date was set–she was going to the ball! She hopped in the royal chariot with her mother the Queen, and her older sister and spirited away to the neighboring kingdom of Pittsburgh to find the perfect dress.

After arriving at the mall and  noticing that princesses from everywhere had ransacked most of the gowns, she started to despair.

But hanging on a rack, almost out of sight was a black, strapless gown that was made just for her tall frame. The battle was won!

The night of the affair was truly a Cinderella moment. After putting her dress on, and doing her hair and makeup, she slipped on her gloves and shoes.

The Queen Mother adorned her with some beautiful earrings and one of her friends happened to have a necklace that matched. The Princess had gone from a dateless tomboy, to polished royalty in just a matter of hours.

When her date arrived, they posed for pictures and then left for the ball. Upon arriving at their destination, they climbed into a horse drawn carriage and moved toward the entrance.

Since the princess’s plan was last minute, she didn’t bother talking much about attending the prom. But here she was and with a date that no one knew.

The looks were amusing. And as they danced the hours away, she could feel eyes upon them with every dip and twirl. It truly was a magical, unscripted evening that never would’ve happened, had the princess not taken a chance.

In later years she often reminisced about how the possibility of a “no” was smaller than her willingness to throw caution and convention into the wind–creating one of the most memorable moments of her life.

And even though a happily ever after wasn’t in the cards, the event proved to her just how important dreams could be.

But more importantly–the willingness to act to make them reality–no matter the outcome. A principle she adheres to even to this day.


image credit: Pixabay

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  1. This is such a beautifully crafted parable, and it sounds like the fairy tale HAS come true because you’re still taking chances so you can stay true to your dreams!

  2. wow i love this story! wonderful. i like to think that no in my business are just lights on the path to the yeses

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