Random Sagittarian Bluntness: The Best Accessory

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Something happens to us when we smile, and when we share a laugh with others.

You don’t have to worry about language barriers when you see that smile reach the eyes.

A smile honors the soul and connects us–it bridges the gap between all of the differences that have been crafted to divide us by those hell bent on destruction. It calls our humanity to the carpet for a deeper look and lets our light shine before all. 

All of us are born with the capacity for joy–but somewhere along the way we lose it, in favor of building walls that by nature are inhumane.

But the best accessory that is not a fad, fling or seasonal garb, are our smiles. We, as humans yearn at our core for connection and may think that because of this bad situation or that one, that love is a silly and fruitless venture. But it is not. And is a harder thing to aspire to than all of our destructive tendencies combined.

Anyone who says that peace is easy, has not given their whole self to it. They have not committed themselves to the mind, body and soul work that it takes to be present in peace through all trials–from experience I can say that it isn’t easy when anger is your first instinctual reaction to anger or injustice directed toward you or someone you love.

It isn’t our natural reaction to scorn, betrayal and deception but it should be. You have to be a willing participant in drama for it to continue and your opponent cannot argue alone. When you decide on peace, you are drawing a line in the sand as a true warrior.

A true warrior knows when to stand up and be counted and when it is best to be silent. True warriors are thoughtful and present in the body as well as the mind.

They do not try to create havoc, but work to subdue it. Their power is in their stability and not creating fires where there are none. A true warrior is a scholar of peace and war is always the very last option if it must come to that.

Such is the business of smiling. Of showing that you are strong enough to bare your soul.

Today I met someone who inspired this post. And whether I “see” them again matters not, but what matters is that in my hustle and bustle afternoon I was stopped by a smile. A deep, soul connected, meeting the eyes kind of smile, and for a brief moment that kindness removed me from my busy and I smiled back in the midst of that sunshine. It wasn’t about anything else but the spiritual level of joy found in a random person’s presence–devoid of ulterior motive, plot or end game.

Just two people meeting in the middle of a tumultuous world and letting each other know that kindness is a gift always worth giving and receiving.

And you know, that kind of happy, never goes out of style.



Image credit: Pixabay

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