Random Sagittarian Bluntness: It’s Time

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It’s time to study war no more. It’s time for more laughs, more love and more time to just be.

It’s time to stand together for the things we all want, no matter what languages we speak our wishes with.

It’s time for moonlight dances, campfires and talks that stretch on until the first moments of daybreak.

It’s time to turn off the television and turn up the music. To run beneath the stars and act like there is no tomorrow except the ones we look forward to.

I’ve grown tired of harsh words and ulterior motives. Deception’s thorny bushes have snared too many times and I’ve grown tired of the wounds never healing.

It’s time to untangle our minds from the onslaught of daily soap operas none of us wished to be cast in–for little more than bit parts and far too much drama.

It’s time for us all to live as intended, to love bravely and honestly and to take bold steps toward the rest of our lives with purpose.

It’s time to be your own fad, and drink in the wonder of spirit and light that you are.

Enough is enough of the charade, the charlatain and the world telling us who we are, when we know different.

It is our season.

It is our song to sing.

It is our life to live.

It’s time.

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