10 Quotes to Live By

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“”In love, be the entire meal.” – Trina Noelle

“Rather than competing with those we admire, we can look to their lives for help on our own unique journeys.” – Kirstie Ganobsik

“It’s often not convenient or pretty or feel good stuff when you stand up for yourself…But…The moment you put iron in your spine and say enough, is the only time things change.” – Trina Noelle

“Therapy was a lot like standing in England in front of a five-star cruise ship full of luxury accommodations and making the choice to ride the Chunnel train instead…” Kirstie Ganobsik, Stumbling Towards Enlightenment

“Being unique is far better than being a bad copy of someone else.” – Trina Noelle, The Lady Player’s Manual: How to Win at Life and Love

“I stared up in awe at a canvas on which an Artist of the Highest Order had splashed declarations of our own Limitlessness for all to view…” – Kirstie Ganobsik

“I miss the City of Peace…the people. . . taught me to continue to see people as people—even more so than before. They taught me that in order to truly understand someone you must meet mind to mind, smile to smile, and heart to heart.” – Trina Noelle

“Faith is absolute unpredictability in all its terrifying glory. It’s the kind of freedom that has no safety net …” – Kirstie Ganobsik

“So once again our hearts open up, the wall comes down and we love, love and love again…losing, choosing, and continuing on. We put on two left shoes and waltz without care again…” – Trina Noelle

“The strength required of worldly endeavors has nothing on the kind of courage it takes to walk into the inner desert of our own self-imposed limits and push past them to create cascading waters of pure fulfillment…” – Kirstie Ganobsik



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  1. Thanks for the Monday morning motivation!! <3 I loved these. Screenshoted a few of them to come back to when I need some inspiration!

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