Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Think

Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Think

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While wanting to enjoy an old-school grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner on a rainy day, this stopped me in my tracks…

  1. Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Think

Have we gone so far as to not know how to open cheese? This isn’t about the cheese, but it is about not allowing people to figure things out for themselves.


I remember being a kid and figuring out this so-called  “puzzle” for myself. And guess what, I didn’t fall apart on the kitchen floor in a puddle of tears or resort to  just eating cheese flavored plastic! I figured it out on my own.


We are very aware of what happens to children when everything is done for them, and what happens to adults when the same is done–no matter the income level. What may start as “help” can devolve quickly into an entitlement mentality devoid of courtesy and compassion.


I am not saying that we should do what seems the norm these days, and treat the afflicted and less fortunate as if they are the scourge of society. Everyone deserves a hand up every once in a while, and the most destitute among us need a way forward that creates a true pathway toward self-sufficiency.


But when we let ourselves become dumbed down and made to believe that we have no power, we lose much more than a hoped for grilled cheese. We lose innovation, imagination and the products that are birthed from them. We lose what makes us amazing in the first place.


In conclusion, what started with the cheese ends with this:


Use it or lose it.


If you have a problem, do your best to figure it out, network, and continue to show the world just how brilliant that brain of yours is.


And ignore the cheese instructions.

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2 thoughts to “Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Think”

  1. Nice one Trina. I see this happening so often, especially when it comes to children. Some parents do everything for their child and yes it’s how they show love, but in the end you get a lazy child that can’t figure things out. I have a cousin who has been married twice, with three kids, moved back to his parents and his mom who is almost 65 has to wake him up for work and put in his lunch, because he can’t do it himself. She does everything, like his personal maid. It’s insane! I see it with my nephew also that lives by us, his grandmom, who is my aunt does everything for him and he’s in high school already. I tell him straight, do it yourself and I’m busy lol. They have a brain, working arms and legs. Go figure it out! i’ll be able to show someone how to do something, but doing it for them everytime takes from your time. Like that teach a man to fish saying…

  2. Exactly, Lorenza. It is the same result no matter who it is or where in the world it happens. We have the biggest study on what happens when their is or isn’t a safety net. And it comes down to people who will do anything to survive and people who think that their survival depends on other people doing for them. And the one thing you learn when it’s all on you, is how to think on your feet, how to be resourceful, you take care of your things and other people’s things because you appreciate the effort it took for that item to be there….

    There is a mentality that separates the person of the school of thought that cultivates selfishness and the school of thought that cultivates selfLESSness….and that is the entitlement mentality.

    And that is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to happiness…because the entitled person lives in this realm of a parasitic nature…so the parasite may “live” well but they are never free to say “this success and survival is because I fought tooth and nail for it and sacrificed down to the bone.”

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