Moving with the Eye of the Storm

Moving with the Eye of the Storm

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Moving with the Eye of the Storm

“Serenity isn’t the peace away from the storm, it’s the peace at the eye of the storm.” – Ed Martin Cruz

It’s tricky business in this world not to get caught up in the drama and intensity that is part and parcel of the times we live in. When we learn to use our triggers as opportunities to transmute negativity and old wounds, as well as heal conflicts, we add a calm centering energy that acts like a healing balm to our planet. Here are a few ways to help smoothly steer through any storm.

Give with Boundaries

Just because other people’s journeys are their own doesn’t mean we can’t step up to the plate and show them a greater love. When we sense that the true Divinity of a person and what they deserve has been beaten down, we can choose to show them that they matter.

Boundaries help ensure that our love isn’t turned into an unhealthy interaction so that our Divinity is honored as well. Giving is receiving, and when it’s done without stepping over the line into enabling poor behavior, it keeps peace flowing in our world even as the winds of discontent swirl around us.

Listen to Your Intuition

We’ve got a lot of people telling us who we should be and what we should believe, but the beauty of free will is that we can choose to listen to that Divine spark that is in each of us. This choice to access the wisdom of Divine Will is going to take us out of our comfort zones, which can often seem stormy simply because change is scary. Yet it’s this facing of fears that truly brings us peace.

Think of it this way. If you knew a hurricane was coming and you had the option to leave your loved ones and save yourself, or ride out the winds with them close to you, which do you think would bring you more peace? Divine Will won’t have us doing the thing that is easiest at the moment, but instead that tough thing that helps us more clearly see our own strength.  This creates an incredibly powerful inner serenity that spreads out from our very Being into the larger world. In this way, listening to intuition’s Divine guidance expands the breadth of the storm’s calm eye.


Everyone’s sense of humor is different, but no matter what gives you that deep belly laugh which leaves you spewing out  guffaws – and alleviating your stresses – you should do that. Studies have shown that laughter aids in recovery, eases stress, and reduces pain by releasing endorphins, especially when done socially. It transmutes negativity and conflict both internally and externally, leaving calmer seas in its wake.

One of my favorite audios for remembering to let go and laugh it off when things get particularly rough is this completely irreverent “meditation” from Jason Headly, An Honest Meditation (be aware of the swears before listening!). Of course we’ll want to engage in more positively-focused fun too, to remind ourselves that we deserve happiness and that there’s a big world of joy waiting for us just around the corner from our problems.

Forgive Yourself & Others

We all have moments when we allow the storm to sweep us up into a swirl of negativity. To make it back to the calm center means to actively forgive ourselves. We can do this by redirecting our thoughts to all those times when we successfully moved with the eye of the storm, rather than obsessing over getting temporarily caught up in the whirlwind.

Forgiving ourselves also helps us forgive others when they navigate away from center because it builds empathy. And empathy is the force that keeps us grounded when everyone else’s debris is flying around us.



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6 thoughts to “Moving with the Eye of the Storm”

  1. Liz and Corey, agreed! Thanks for stopping by, and for your wise words on forgiveness and laughter:-)

  2. Divine will and the comfort zone…this is a lifelong battle for me. And it shouldn’t be…ego, which I heard it said stands for “edging God out” and when I think that I am the supreme catalyst for change, oh I know how that turns out, but the simple act of listening and standing on faith especially when it doesn’t make sense to the “rational” mind has been the birth of some of the most profound “out of nothing and no way” moments in my life! Here’s to allowing more to take me where I need to go…and less of ME manufacturing my way along this path! ❤️

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