Random Sagittarian Bluntness: The Whole of Love

Random Sagittarian Bluntness: The Whole of Love

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She is the subtle drink on the lips of the awakened man, who is wise enough to be intoxicated with the free flowing of her mind.


And here begins the dance.


He is strength and stability.


She is creativity and growth.


And by their birthright, are not labels and two dimensional puppets whose only role is to oppose and despise each other.


We need one another.


Eye to eye, to be taken in so completely is to be understood in a way that is scarcely found in the world today.


This should not be the exception, but the rule.


Not proud peacock-disguise wearers flashing plumage and nothing more.


A betrayal to the deep beauty that we all possess.


It has created a crowded dance of left feet, no rhythm and too many clashing notes of individual songs that possess no harmony.


But when we cease to be told how to think, how to love and how to be, we realize that we’ve known the secrets for millennia.


Basic becomes brilliant.


Boring becomes beautiful.


Solidarity becomes sensuality.


And in this denying of ego and false self and whatever this madness has become,


He becomes the King of his birthright,


She becomes the Queen of her birthright,


And our Princes and Princesses see a kingdom of truth that they can emulate.


The unfolding of it all–


The most radical shift we can create and perpetuate


Into the cement and stars of posterity.


The whole of love is nothing without each other


And my dear, we have yet to ride this like we stole it–


Wild, solid and steadfast.


To love like we are meant to,


Is to finally write a love story that rivals all others–


Where we all win


In the end.

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  1. Love this even more the second time through – it just sinks into the Soul like a waterfall in the desert. – Kirstie

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