Random Sagittarian Bluntness: 365 Days of Angel Prayers!

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Dear Enlightenment Family,

I am so proud to once again be a part of this collaborative effort. Never did I realize, years ago when I randomly purchased a copy of Angelspeake by Trudy Griswold, that I would be given such a unique opportunity to be associated with so many amazing people.


I truly believe that nothing happens by coincidence–even if the full story takes years to develop. I got on board with the first edition around 2014 at a time when my life, besieged by death, disappointment and divorce, didn’t have much joy to behold.  However, because of aligning myself with this book, I got to share in the happiness of being a part of a bestseller for the first time in my life.


So when I got the chance to continue my association with it for the relaunch, there was no doubt that I wanted to be a part of it!


For more information or to purchase this book, click HERE.

I am honored to be a contributing author to this book, and to have my work included in the light of a great group of heart-centered fellow authors.  I personally, have had far too many awakened moments in my life to doubt that angels exist.


However, to be able to share that inspiration and engage in that conversation on a global scale is truly humbling.


In conclusion, I want to thank you all for supporting this labor of love that I am so proud to be a part of.


Click Here to Grab your copy today! 



The prayers in this book can help you to live a life filled with peace, love, abundance and joy. Most importantly, your heavenly light can positively impact the lives of others. Words have power and I know the positive energy of this book will impact your life in the most remarkable way, infusing each day with magic and the love of your angels.


I am thrilled to be part of this work and if you buy the book on 3/27 you can enter to win a bunch of AMAZING PRIZES – THOUSANDS of DOLLARS worth of prizes – including ANGEL READINGS with some of the ANGEL EXPERTS in this amazing book. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, these gifts will be offered online and are accessible to anyone with a computer. Simply buy the book, and then enter your receipt number to be registered for the contest.


Enter to WIN here – http://365daysofangelprayers.com/launchgiveaways.


Purchase your book on Amazon, and for each receipt you have, you have that many more chances to win.

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  1. I’m so proud of you – congratulations, and I can’t wait to check out the latest version! Love ya, Kirstie

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