Hiking the Grand Canyon: Part III

Hiking the Grand Canyon: Part III

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Before turning in for the night, my Dad and I watched the stars appear against the pitch black sky. We sat for a time and just gazed. He marveled at their stunning bright light set against a backdrop where no man-made electric replication had reached in to dim their shine.

The teachings I’d been indoctrinated with about our modern day world being “civilized” began to be chipped away. All of our refinements built on the sands of pure rationality paled in comparison to the sophistication inherent in this all-encompassing splendor. I stared up in awe at a canvas on which an Artist of the Highest Order had splashed declarations of our own Limitlessness for all to view. It was pure perfection made manifest.

An understanding took hold then to discover my own truth beyond illusions that hide from view the truly glorious Universe that we all reside in, and that resides in Us..

Hiking the Grand Canyon: Part III

The next morning we began our march back up the canyons exquisitely-etched walls.

“As the morning wore on, we all started to get more sure-footed. What made it even more pleasant, as I reflect, was the give and take with each other. An easy, spontaneous, natural rapport developed. When someone was losing energy, we’d encourage each other to keep going using good humor and promises of an upcoming respite. We’d share our resources. Of course, just being at the Grand Canyon and taking in the panorama is its own reward.”  -Ken Ganobsik, AKA Dad

Hiking the Grand Canyon: Part III

The journey back up ended with us sharing our adventures with the people in our party who couldn’t make the hike for health or scheduling reasons. Coming back into a world where fine dining replaced trail mix and the noise and bustle of life replaced the quiet fortitude of the hike was quite an adjustment to make. That first day back into the “real” world was a bit draining for me.

But over time I realized that I hadn’t really left the canyon behind. I carried her lessons with me because they were ones learned through experience. Her vastness wrapped itself subtly into my spirit, and reminded me to disregard my own self-imposed obstacles, to keep on pushing forward, and to share with others what I discovered: that strength sits solidly in how far down into the canyon we’re willing to go in order to stretch past our false limits and reach a world where creek becomes an angel, and the light of the sun becomes inseparable from our Souls.



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  1. I love this! ” I carried her lessons with me because they were ones learned through experience.” This is the coolest reflection on a life-changing experience. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s nice to be reminded of the inner strengths we carry within us, but often forget. Wonderful uplifting post!

  3. Your trip sounds so worthwhile – for the natural beauty and the experience in mindfulness. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful experience – and with your dad! I’m so jealous of that!

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