Enlightened Business Blessings

Enlightened Business Blessings

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I sat down and had a good cry this weekend. It was the “good” kind of cry because it was overflowing with the gratitude of abundance, of friends who have my back, and of the Divine Creator’s unfolding plan.

The specific catalyst, though, that pushed me into this latest blubber-fest was a letter that I received from my stock company Scottrade. While I don’t usually talk about the specific businesses that are part of my personal life, I decided that this incident definitely warranted an exception to that rule. You see, with all the corruption that we’re always hearing about in the business world, I thought it was important to highlight this corporation’s act of kindness.

Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“As a result of unauthorized activity, your account sustained losses. While we have concluded that Scottrade was not at fault for the losses sustained in your account, we have decided, in this instance, to restore the account to the position it was in prior to the fraud for a full recovery of the losses.” (emphasis added) – Chuck Sampson, Scottrade, Inc.

I’d like to note that this reversal of losses was done unprompted by me. I had no idea of this activity on my account until I received this letter.

The Power of a person can be used in a multitude of different ways. Nobody will ever know how many other losses that Chuck Sampson and Scottrade have decided to eat, but I can tell you this: his decision to write off mine has made a world of difference in my ability to put my energy towards helping myself and others live a more purpose-filled life.

When one can avoid helping others, but does not avoid it, and instead embraces it wholeheartedly, well that my friends is the essence of enlightened living.

There are a lot of good people in this world. Thank you Chuck Sampson for being one of them. My life is infinitely more blessed because of your choice to look into the face of fraudsters and say “Not on my watch.” Your choice to care is a courageous one because it bucks a system that keeps insisting that profits are more important than people. The corrupt of this world have nothing on the kind of Power it takes to stand up and declare to a world gone mad with greed that the dignity of people always, always comes first.

With endless gratitude,


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