Scaling the Mountain

Scaling the Mountain

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Enjoy an evolution of the mind today with our guest blogger DR’s wise words on destiny as a process, and not just a destination. His blog, Thinking Evolution, is about focusing on limitless thinking, and emphasizes the humility inherent in understanding that we all have a lot to learn from each other. As he says in his welcome post, we can collectively “Choose to think better feeling thoughts. And start your Thinking Evolution.” Without further ado, Mr. DR…..

Good morning (afternoon) ladies and gentleman,

I have always been under the impression that modern society can be an emotionally and mentally draining place. The way we react to life and the way we are shown events, people at great heights, or in the vast chasm of a low, is so saturated with emotion – anger, rage, sadness, love. See it as a good thing or bad thing, but the effect it has is profound. We latch on to an idea, see someone we love, imagine the success of a dream or being “that person” we hope to one day become and live for this ideal.

It’s as if we spend so long these days lost in imagination, thinking about what is wrong with our world right now and dealing with this disappointment by thinking more and more about what is at the top of the mountain, what we believe is supposed to be our “destiny.” This is something that runs through a lot of motivational and inspirational literature, as well as the hundreds of videos that are scattered all across YouTube these days. Reach the top and don’t worry about anything else.

This, I think, is based not in society, but in the fact that we are goal-orientated beings. We need a reason to get up in the morning, to achieve something, get somewhere and reach that goal. This way, the day will have seemed worthwhile, as we make another small step to that overall goal at the top of the mountain.

Are we ignoring what is supposed to be “the real world” by doing this? To live for the future is always going to be a questionable habit at best, for the fact you run such a risk of missing the utter brilliance of what presently is happening. Yet this “big goal” is something a lot of us work to. As much as this might be comforting, it’s limited by one major issue- What happens next?

You have spent so long working. You have clawed, climbed and jumped at every chance you could to get to the top of the mountain and achieve your destiny. You have woken up early and gone to sleep later and later working at your dreams, make that next step closer to the top of the mountain. You did it though, you put everything into it and you made it.

Just look at that view. Stand there and take it in and don’t forget to have a peer downwards to see how far you have come. Sadly, even after all that hard work, the novelty of what you are witnessing is lost relatively quickly, resulting in us just sat there distant, having achieved what we set out to do and not really thinking about what to do afterwards.

Through this ultimate goal, to get to the top of the mountain and achieve your “destiny” we seem to become blind to everything else. We end up so oblivious to a lot of the world, the people who are part of our lives, the emotions that could stir your mind to such a place of unique feeling brilliance, the experiences that make us who we are and perhaps more importantly, who we want to be.

Why is this lost? For in our blindness, the journey up this “mountain” seems insignificant, especially considering what we expect to feel when we reach the top. The events and experiences that happen as we make decisions in life, as we head down paths and do what we can throughout the journey to feel good are lost, because we deem them unnecessary.

Furthermore, this whole premise of living in the present moment as we climb the mountain, drive through the switchbacks and clamber up to the top of the mountain to your “destiny” in this fiercely complex, crazy fast world seems like it may not be as simple as we think.

Destiny, to me, is a lot like love in that it should not be defined by a single goal or idea. We are fed this idea that we are “destined” to be somewhere, to get something or to be with someone, regardless of what else could be happening around us and that more importantly could be incredible. We reach that mountain top, it’s incredible to be there, but you can’t help wondering what happens next. So what if there was not just one goal, not just one “destiny.” Forget the top of the mountain as being “utopia.” Without being too cliché, surely the journey, enjoying what’s happening and where you are going should be the “utopia.”

What if there wasn’t just a mountain- but mountains. A range of peaks climbing high into the crisp white clouds to views and achievements we dream of, all of which we are willing and ready to climb higher for. We work hard to reach the top, we are happy just to be on the mountain, enjoy the increments and steps we are taking to reach the top. We got there. We reached that goal and it feels amazing.

Then, we get down again, head back to the bottom, with a camera, a journal, an idea and mind full of memories and experiences no idea of “destiny” could replace. We reach the foot of that mountain, happy to have been there, only to wander off to find a new mountain, a new goal to have new experiences, find new love and create new memories.

Destiny isn’t one thing, it’s a continual process. We aren’t destined to be in a single place and that be it or to have this particular thing. So I say carry on, why hold onto one thing when the whole world is there, waiting for you to make your mark in any way you see fit. Life isn’t simply working to achieve a destiny, it’s the adventure that allows us to see what living really is.

We are destined to live for life, love, and everything in between. We should live for this adventure, no matter how big or small, for these are the moments in life that allow us to learn about ourselves and the world. Then through this experience we understand that we can choose to think better feeling thoughts, for we have experienced this and it feels good.

This way, to me, we can all be a part of a Thinking Evolution.

Yours, with love as always.


PS: A quick shout out to Kirstie & Trina- love what you do at Enlightenment for Schmucks and am proud to have been able to be a part of something, no matter how small.

Scaling the Mountain

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7 thoughts to “Scaling the Mountain”

  1. This was a beautiful post, and a lovely reminder to really live and not just “achieve”. “Destiny isn’t one thing, it’s a continual process.” That is so perfectly said. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  2. We’re so honored to have a writer of such depth and wisdom on our blog – thank you for joining us on our journey toward enlightenment DR! – Kirstie & Trina

  3. People are so angry about everything now a days. All emotional and heaven forbid you disagree with someone. Labels are spewed forth onto people. What happen to working hard, loving who you are, giving service and being kind.

  4. I needed this today. I’m currently in a period of transition and unsure what my next step will be. I’m confused and frustrated but reminding myself to be patient, trust the process, and appreciate the journey. There are so many steps separating where I am and where I hope to be, but my satisfaction and joy isn’t based on my circumstances. We can find joy and peace right where we are, whether we’re at the top of the mountain or in the valley. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. What’s going on people I’m glad you’re able to take something away from what I’ve written. It reminds me why i write and helps the thoughts flow so much better. You have no idea how much i appreciate it.

  6. DR, thank you for lending a voice to our blog. It isn’t a small thing to give of yourself and your creativity in order to reach others no matter where they are in their journey. I appreciate your post and thank you for lending a voice of positivity and challenge to all of us to keep our eyes and hearts open while scaling the mountains of life!❤️

  7. This is a lovely post! In the race of achieving we somewhere lose the joy of living indeed!
    Was such a thought to provoke post, thank you for sharing

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