Radical Forgiveness: Hope for Humanity

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Sometimes our lives cross paths with the issues of the day and what is revealed crashes us down not only into the depths of darkness’ shadows, but also into a new understanding of the illusion of inhumanity.

In December, this happened to me. While the details of this experience are my own, the lesson, as is always the case with the lessons that people learn, is for everyone.

What I discovered was that when a huge world issue tumbles into our personal life, we become both a macro and a micro. There are no in-betweens anymore. Here sits the space wherein sides are taken.

Yet this taking of sides isn’t in a dualistic sense, Light vs. dark. Instead, I fully experienced this: there is Light, and then there are those who have not yet fully chosen to live in the Light. Either way, Light is present.

You see, what I found out from my experience was that even the most destructive individuals cannot completely hide the God-stuff they are made of.  Those whom I encountered had to WORK at being dark. They had to get themselves into a space of viewing me as a thing. They had to focus and refocus again on trying to create fear in me. And yet, when I again and again revealed myself to be human, their first reaction was always a natural authentic connection with me. I saw their evil, but more importantly I saw it struggle to take center stage in them.

Even within those well-schooled in treachery’s game sits a very human essence that cannot be snuffed out.

I have come out of this experience unscathed. I have been able to protect myself, and so no crime has been committed against me. But this is also in the sense of being emotionally unscathed. Those of us who have put in the effort to heal and forgive ourselves are also the ones who can hear the cries for forgiveness from people who do not yet know how to forgive themselves.

Now, the above line sounds really good on paper. However, actually putting it into practice this past month has been a whole other story. Lots of emotions overtook me these last 30 days, and to be honest, a lot of them didn’t bear much resemblance to forgiveness.  Luckily, just as my anger over what these people tried to do to me was kicking into high gear, I stumbled upon an extraordinary video by Vishen Lakhiani. In it, he outlines the concept of ‘radical forgiveness’:

What Vishen is essentially saying is that forgiveness isn’t some generic term to be thrown around as an ideal that we’ll all do “some day.” It’s also not about condoning actions or refusing to stand up to poor behavior; on the contrary, it’s meant to be a living document that uses our intuition to access our innate empathy.

By doing this, we prevent the dark actions of others from overtaking us and being spread around. The idea that hurt people hurt people also has an opposite: healed people heal people. Radical forgiveness reminds us that when we choose not to blame, we’re using the lessons we learned in our own lives to shine a flashlight through the layers of darkness and find the undaunted Light that is inherent in everyone.

Our true power as people lies in radical forgiveness. This is why those who try to pose as Kings wish to divide us. If we’re busy finger-pointing at each other, their power to cower in the darkness of deceit remains. Without radical forgiveness, we are easily fooled into believing that cowards are Kings. Forgiveness ensures that our Light is not used against us, but instead it becomes a Force that creates a new opportunity for hurt people to become healed people. This is the place from which Unf**kwithability arises.

In next Monday’s post, I’ll outline some steps I’m taking as I stumble towards radically forgiving those people who tried to hurt me. I’d love any advice or feedback from others who are on the same journey.



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11 thoughts to “Radical Forgiveness: Hope for Humanity”

  1. Favorite line “The idea that hurt people hurt people also has an opposite: healed people heal people. ” – so much truth in just that simple sentence. Thank You for sharing this!

  2. Bravo for this! This post right here! Cyber fist bump. Forgiveness is active, not soft, not for the weak. It is as wild as the ones who refuse to walk the line towards sameness. Our default settings are what are easy…forgiving takes such dying to self..that in itself can be painful but it is so worth it!❤

  3. Amazing post, Kirstie, thank you!
    Humanity is crawling towards its own light. We are in the cave no doubt, but I’m certain that with the energy of those vibrating at higher levels we will all benefit. The darkness is bringing the light to awareness.
    I love to read and hear thoughts from people like you. It is comforting to know there are others on the path. The path that is affecting humanity, whether they know it or not.
    I have been perusing many of Mind Valley Academy’s Awesomeness Fest videos of late and found the title from Vishen Lakhiani’s video most interesting. Will listen soon:)

  4. I’m so sorry about what happened to you Kirsty. Its hard to forgive people and I’m glad you chose that route instead of holding onto the anger. I think holding onto anger can consume a person and effect other parts of their lives. Forgiving shows how strong a person really is. I saw Vishen’s video on YouTube but got distracted and never clicked on it. Will definitely check it out. See the universe always shows us next steps, we just have to be open or awake to see them 🙂

  5. Absolutely loved this post! So much simple yet powerful truth in it. thank you for writing and sharing it, Kristie.

  6. I love this: “The idea that hurt people hurt people also has an opposite: healed people heal people.” I tend to remember the first part, but have never really thought much about the second. A lot still to learn and a long way still to go, for me!

    Glad that you came through December okay, and thank you for sharing what you learned with us. Happy 2017!

  7. An interesting read, it seems that you’ve still got some way to go before you can move on from those who have hurt you. The way I see is that it’s within you to accept what has happened and forgive yourself for letting them get to you in the way that they did. Then you’ll forgive them and move on. Does that make sense?

  8. Amanda, yes, that makes a lot of sense. I came across some wise words that said to accept life as it is instead of how we think it should be. This leads to peace and to being able to better create the life we want moving forward. Lorenza, thanks for the support theand encouragement. It’s not easy to stay out of anger, but it really helps to hear your wise words.
    Reni, as always you’re an inspiration! Trina and I really look to you for help on “the path” and are so grateful to have had you and Rick come into our lives. You guys help keep us balanced and looking at the world from an open-hearted perspective.:-)
    Kim and Karin, thank you so much for your kind words, they mean the world to me. Happy 2017 to you too!
    And of course Trina, you always pick just the right words to say to keep me moving forward. Thank you my friend.

  9. I love that you point out the trap that finger pointing provides. The person that forgiveness honors the most is self. I wish you much healing, light and prosperity.

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