New Year Dream Project of the Month Winner: Music for Meditation by Anwaar Ali

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Our first Dream Project of the Month Winner of 2017 is here to help us ease into our New Year’s goals with his beautiful  and soothing albums that invoke the Soul’s yearning for love, purpose, and dreams-come-true. If you’d like more information on how music and meditation merge, you can check out this review at Unify Cosmos:  Holosync, Lifeflow, OmHarmonics – 3 Binaural Programs Reviewed.

Guitarist and musical producer Anwaar Ali has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember. In late 2016, he released his newest instrumental album, An Orphan’s Dream, and has generously gifted us a copy for free below. The album is such a courageously authentic and emotional work that as soon as we heard it, we were convinced that we had to choose him as our featured winner this month!

This ethereal collection is a result of a collaboration with Anwaar’s brother Abrar Ali and his friend and co-producer Vincenzo Avallone from Deep Water Recordings in Italy. It’s already creating a buzz on radios around the world and has recently been released on iTunes and other digital outlets. It has received two great reviews in just two months since it was released and the songs are being played on the radios from Canada, US, UK, Germany and many other countries around the globe. The album has been featured among the Best New Age CDs from the Best New Age Artists website.
Here’s our own Trina Noelle’s review of the album:


“Sitting here listening to the album while having my coffee this morning. …Love the album and the ethereal vocals. The vocals blend well with the tracks and do not have a noticeable separation from the music … It is very clean, solid and perfect music to meditate, calm after a stressful day or to have in the background. Being an over-30- year fan of the NPR program Hearts of Space, this ticks all boxes for me in the way songs like Cristofori’s Dream and Celestial Soda Pop do.”


An Orphan’s Dream is the follow-up to Anwaar’s debut album, In My Dreams, a showcase of brilliant guitar solos, vocals and melodies, consisting of songs with vocals in Pujabi, Urdu. Some of the songs on the album, including the title track ‘In MyDreams’, have aired on the New-York based Indian Bollywood Radio Station, Easy96.

Anwaar has been making music since he was a little boy. He spent his early childhood in a small Pakistani town, where he and his friends would make a beeline for the piano right after school. They learned to play songs from some of their favorite artists, such as the popular Pakistani band Vital Signs. They even taught themselves to play the hit song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’.

At age 15 Anwaar moved to the U.S. and found a stellar mentor in his high school music teacher John Abigana, who took him under his wing and taught him to play guitar. Anwaar also spent  a lot of time learning to record and produce music during this time. Along with his brother,  he recorded an experimental instrumental album called Sohni Dharti (Beautiful Land).

After the High School Anwaar continued learning music with other great music instructors including Jazz guitarist Don Price. Over the years he’s collaborated with many different artists from all over the world and has shared the stage with big-name Pakistani artists, including Fakhir Mehmood, Abrar ul Haq, Shiraz Uppal, TJ Cool, Zulfi and the legendary Sajjad Ali.

He currently resides in California, where he continues to create and produce music that takes the listener on a journey through “the continuum of time and space.”

If you’d like to support Anwaar’s work, you can check out  his Sound Cloud page for more Soul-stirring music:

You can also follow him on Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon.
Kirstie & Trina

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  1. Interesting! I discovered meditation several years ago and it’s such a great way to reset. I especially love meditating to music, so I will check this out!

  2. Hi Marcie, Thank you for checking out the article and your interest in my music. Have a blessed day! Much love, peace and respect!


  3. Thanks for sharing this! It’s always nice to come across musicians that may not be as well known. I also could use some nice meditation music to listen to after work. I feel like my day has constant stimulation so it’d be nice to listen to something that’ll calm me down in the evenings.

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