Random Sagittarian Bluntness: To Shine Without Permission

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Warriors of the light, you are needed now more than ever. I am sure that you know this, but some of you are still fretting about what it means to step into the shine of your own souls, in order to do the work that is needed for change to be much more than wishful thinking.

Take a look around at your life. The first step is clearing your space of any toxic energy and people taking up any of its spaces. This may be hard, but it is necessary to live in the light of your truth. Then, create order and consistency. Keep only what is beautiful and useful, and create a schedule you can and will stick to. Also, start surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Transformation cannot take place in the same space where drama reigns supreme.

And despite what you may have been told, or conditioned to believe, light workers are not weak people. It takes a strong mind and an equally strong heart to stand on principles that are not popular, and to defend the socially indefensible. We are ruled by love, not dogma. Just because you don’t agree with the way someone lives their life, is NEVER an excuse to let injustices rage unchecked or unquestioned. Light is based in the basic truths of love, interconnectedness and mutual respect, so leave your judgements at the door.


Just because you wish to bask in the full splendor of working in the light does not mean you are impervious to pain–actually it is just the opposite. As any light worker will tell you, when you decide to claim your spot in the sun, you are in full view of the ones who oppose and despise change. But your work is not to change people, it is to show, by your own example, what living in the light can be. Light workers are not more important or on some new-age head trip. We are motivated by servant leadership and not blind devotion.

Now I am going to propose what may seem radical, but is truly the crucial first step to lasting change, and it begins with you. Gather where you must in solidarity for all and only those things that uplift all. But most importantly,  if your currency is not speaking for you, everything that is shouted will fall on deaf ears.

Workers of the light must, for true change, cease and desist the spending of money with entities who are not socially responsible.  We must sow these seeds into businesses and into the gardens of people who are good stewards of the coming harvest. This will not be instant, but start to find replacements. Shed your addictions to brand loyalty and only spend with companies that understand humanity,  that understand environmental responsibility, and are willing to put what is right, far above profits and paper thin glamour.

Light workers, care for each other. And care for others. Walk your talk. You may stumble and falter, but make amends and seek to be a person of integrity. We all have faults and pasts that we are not proud of, but if your today no longer looks like your past, congratulate yourself.

Being the change that you wish to see actually begins to create the change that you can see.

2015-06-06 18.18.06

Things have been a certain way for their appointed time, and now the shift is happening. If we want to have a world to care about, we have to straighten our backs, dust ourselves off, and get down to the business of shining. Because if we don’t do it, if we don’t find ourselves standing in our strength and bravery, we cannot complain that our heroes didn’t save the day.

We are those heroes, and you can’t save the day if you are too afraid to even take your cape out of the closet.

Home, community, country and world-we are the ripples that will turn this apathy into love. We are the ones who do this daily without thought of compensation or kickbacks. We are the warriors that legends are made of, and our time is now.

It’s your world, go forth and make your name.


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Trina Noelle/Enlightenment for Schmucks

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