Random Sagittarian Bluntness: The Useful Fire

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Truth be told, I have been in a deeply reflective place–one that leads me to a very quiet place. In these times, I write in waves–my words breaking upon the shore of emotion and retreating back into the unknown of my thoughts.

If you find yourself despairing, don’t. We need you to unearth that artistic, bohemian soul warrior and walk with purpose across the pages of history. We need every bit of amazing you can muster and do those things that only you can do. Bring your brilliance to the surface along with the bravery you thought you lost all those years ago.

It is not dark yet, but if it was, even if the dark had squeezed the last glimmer–kicked the last star from the realms of heaven–you came to be in the darkness. It is the medium that crafted you.

So what’s with the panic? Through the dedicated efforts of you and people like yourself, will usher in the new places we will call home. A new Gilded Age, based less upon the gross hording of money, or the closed-minded objectification of humanity, but rather the gold of the mind.

The time for hiding is over and the time of unfocused destruction has run its course. Creativity, mind and the deliberate voting with your currency is the order of the day. Legacies wait in the wings to be made of the man and woman whose judgement is solid, whose heart is steady and endurance falters only to rest.

The stewards of the useful fire, who know the precious commodity of peace–to let their silence speak the loudest. To let their deliberate works protest for them. To leave these arenas of the drawing out of our most base natures, and do with intention all of the things that shout through a whisper.

We have work to do, together.

We have things to create, together.

We have a world to make ours, together.

Obviously, and we are the only ones qualified to lead it.



Image credit: Trina Noelle



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2 thoughts to “Random Sagittarian Bluntness: The Useful Fire”

  1. I’m often afraid to go into a reflective place because it can bring up negative emotions. I guess I shouldn’t be so afraid though!

  2. If you bring them up in all of their fury you can clear them as experience you had and let them go, your quiet is your strength and your vision board. Never be afraid to feel, but ask what did I learn then? And be okay with the experience…fire makes gold and pressure makes diamonds. It is why our elders have this amazing wisdom…not because they haven’t gone through the dark nights of the soul, but because they have and like a warrior let the lessons shape them and become a badge of honor to say, they still survive. Embrace everything about you and work to always rise from the ashes of the past, a new and beautifully resilient soul. ❤️

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