Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Where Angels Fear to Tread

A Passing

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This is a celebration of the life of my first love, Nicholas Jae Smith, September 6, 1976 – November 22, 2016.


Mentoring and manifesting drove all your days

Giving and healing and calming hate’s waves

Using your talents to uplift and to save

Laying the Foundation for Earth’s Golden Age.


But your swagger and wit hid a sensitive Soul

Life’s hits came too hard; your strength wouldn’t hold

And so under the grip of your demons you dove

Seeking shelter in places where you only found cold.


And then a shift in perception; a comeback touchdown

You remembered again to Live Life Out Loud

Strength rushing back with the roar of Love’s sound

Honing yourself to stand your Dream’s ground.


Now you’ve again reached the stars where Alchemy reigns

Flying in machines made from ether’s bright-colored rays

A daredevil, a traveler, a builder, a sage

Connecting heaven to Earth for this New Golden Age.


Love always,


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