Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Build and Burn

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“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.”

–Anais Nin

What are two things that will ignite a relationship and focus it at the same time?

When you focus on building and burning.

What I mean is this. If you aren’t with someone you can build with and create a lasting legacy with for your family and the world, you are with the wrong person. Not only do you build in your own lives, you have deep, meaningful conversations and act in whatever way possible to leave some good behind when you return to the Earth and your souls return to the sky. If you cannot partner with someone who wants to build with you, can your soul ever truly be happy?

And before you can build with someone, you must know in your heart what your values and principles are. If you don’t know your best self, then how can you learn about what partner is best to accompany you on your journey?

We spend so much time on the outer sparks and our need to be accepted or validated by society, that we sometimes miss the most important things that turn that relationship into a true partnership. It is how we can completely miss the fact that emotionally, this person is a match for all of our fears and baggage of the past and not for the person we dream of becoming.

Do not be afraid to be single if what you are searching for hasn’t found you. It doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you, it means that you have decided on peace, true soul connection and being true to you. Why would that be weakness? Stop searching and just be the light in the night with your wild, unique self. If you are a beacon of light unto your own harbor, you attract the partner that sees that light and is drawn to it.

They are drawn to the real you and not some facade that you create to reel someone in that is impossible to maintain. It is like interviewing for a job where you are the employer. There are people who interview well and of these people, only one is a good fit for the journey.

Your values are the qualifications and they should never be compromised in order to create a position for someone not qualified for it. Because when you do, you run the risk of enduring an entitlement mentality and someone destructing the very thing you have worked so hard to create.

If the foundation is aligned, stable and strong then anything is possible. And that foundation of respect and love can create things more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined.


When the base is solid, there is trust and where there is trust, love can grow unencumbered. And where there is perfect love and perfect trust, passion finds shelter. It is not forced or expected, it just is, because it is easier to love deeply and be vulnerable with someone who has your heart for safekeeping.

The smolder that transpires after, is a natural occurrence when you carry a torch for someone you feel protected by. Then that passion, built on stability and trust, ignites a bond that transcends all that we think love is with our mortal minds.  When ego falls away, and we finally understand and experience what spiritual connection is about on all levels, we have no patience for the impatience of others. This intentional dance worries not about the trivial things of life. It leaves you without speech, on the verge of tears and connected to everything that was, is and shall be. It is a path that cannot be reached through selfish intention, objectification, or scripted routines.

In conclusion, once you’ve experienced a merging of souls, you settle for nothing else except love, immaculate.



Image Credits: hearts by geralt/Pixabay

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2 thoughts to “Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Build and Burn”

  1. Your message lights my soul’s way to a journey filled with a knowing that can only be found from within. Many write their passion driven words but few have the ability to communicate at the level that transcends the mediocre, the mundane, the simple-minded.
    I am grateful to have met you and know that life’s blessings often come in a message from the heart.

  2. I am definitely blessed to know you and your amazing mind! You are a gem in the crown of humanity, Reni!❤love u sister!

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