Random Sagittarian Bluntness: Snow Angel Hemp Pendulums

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A tradition that was passed down through generations in my family was the baby test. This was accomplished by either using a wedding band or hanging pencil with a thread-strung needle stuck into the eraser. As the weighted object would move back and forth, hung over the wrist, it would swing along the arm for a boy and across the wrist for a girl. A wide circle between each child would foretell another child in the line.

No matter if you gave birth to them or not, they would be there. For instance, mine said three children in boy, boy, and girl order, but I stopped at my first and only. Even more interesting, when you held the pendulum above the wrist of someone who already gave birth to more than one, it would tell of each one’s gender and family placement.

After seeing and working with pendulums in this manner and expanding their use for everyday questions about love and life since around 1997-98, I decided to create my own. I brainstormed with my friend Susan and came up with Snow Angel Hemp Pendulums while sitting in my kitchen. Since I used to make Hemp necklaces, it wasn’t that big of a leap, but I found that I enjoyed making these much more. After deciding to throw myself outside the realm of my introverted comfort zone, I took my new creations on the road a couple weeks later to an Angels Now Conference in Strongsville, Ohio in 2011, and was truly shocked by the reception.


Unfortunately, my life took a tumultuous turn with my marriage, so I didn’t pursue much with them, but kept making them since they were my art. After years of keeping them to myself, and only gifting them to close friends and family, I have decided to make them available once more through my Facebook page, Snow Angel Hemp Pendulums and Enlightenment for Schmucks after much encouragement.

I make my pendulums from Hemp because it is an ancient and remarkable fiber that deserves more wide-spread attention. I also do not make exact copies. Each one I make is an original so you will truly own a one of a kind piece of living art.

When it comes to art, it is a truly individualized experience. It is an extension of the creative and made with the heart, soul and inspiration that is unique to every artist. This is why I don’t create copies or list more that I wish to. I take my time when I create these and will only post a certain number of them each time. When they are gone, they are gone, but new ones will be listed that are equally as creative.

My Pendulum Process or Why I do what I do:
I use Hemp because it is not only environmentally sustainable, but has been in use for many generations. A great website to refer to about this amazing plant can be found here:
I bless each piece for only the highest good of all involved. I am a firm believer in karma and in the principle of what you send out, you will receive.
I pick my main centerpiece because of what it represents or is a symbol for. And the symbolism of this piece and bead choices follow suit.
The upward spiral is for higher thought and Divine consciousness and mimics the DNA helix that contains our genetic codes that binds us (all living things) as family.
The braided finish is where you will hold the pendulum when working with it, and the ancient art of braiding signifies a tie to the past. Also it has forever been a grooming ritual of strength, art and beauty.
All of the pendulums are knotted at the end to secure the finished work and to also signify strength and endurance.

From time to time, I will also offer a special pendulum that ONLY Enlightenment for Schmucks subscribers can win, or a custom pendulum made specifically for you.


My custom work contests will take you or the special person you are giving the pendulum to into account. Through email we will discuss what likes, loves, colors and symbols resonate the most. For custom work, I find what speaks most clearly and create a personal keepsake that will never be duplicated and is truly yours. These pendulums will come in a beautiful case for elegant safe keeping for years to come. But all of my pendulums come to you in an artistic package–made with love from start to finish.


In conclusion, I would like to formally introduce you to my work, and if something I create speaks to you, and you end up owning it, please know that I am eternally grateful for your appreciation of what I do.

Stay tuned for new art to be revealed through the partnership of Snow Angel Hemp Pendulums and Enlightenment for Schmucks!




Image credit: Trina Noelle

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  1. These are phenomenally beautiful and so unique! Everything – from the piece to the package – just emanates the love that they were created with:-)

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