Random Sagittarian Bluntness: I Am Not God

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I am not God and neither are you and there is no heaven or hell that we are entitled to send anyone to. I am not judge, jury or executioner–I do not have the right to infringe upon anyone’s right to live the life that they see fit. Judge not lest ye be judged, for all fall short of the glory and cannot claim superiority over another they do not see as fit to occupy this world we were given, to be as stewards with a patient hand, fruitful words and a loving heart.

It is not our right to infringe upon others, nor is it our right to make excuses for the abyss that our hearts fall into when we fail to see another as our brother or sister.

The excuses are nil and our responsibility is great for all of us in rising to turn around and pull another up to see the sun. It is imperative that the trappings of base knowledge be loosed and we step firmly into the light of our true creation.

We were birthed by the power of the Divine. We came to be amongst the stars and to act beneath your true calling as royalty, is to deny the beautifully complex yet orderly force that created you.

Do not continue to be blinded by the lies, peddled as truth only for your destruction. Do not fail to rise when your ordered steps slip and cause you to stumble along the way.

I am not God, and neither are you but in forgetting the light of all that made you become, do a disservice to all that with our limited sight, is your birthright, your purpose and your reason for being.

You are meant for this place, stand straight and carry forth as the Kings and Queens you most certainly are.

–Trina Noelle❤️

Image credit: Trina Noelle

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