44 Thousand Meals: October Dream Project of the Month Winner

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Update: You can now donate directly at this link! https://www.facebook.com/donate/1341947959173166/

This month we’re celebrating Dyanne Joyner as she launches her online campaign to ease hunger: 44 Thousand Meals. The premise of this heartfelt fundraiser is to raise enough donations through online auctions, raffles, and inspiring interviews with amazing women to pay for 44,000 meals to assist people throughout the United States.

Dyanne has chosen to use the funds she raises to support Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks, meal programs, and pantries that serve nearly all communities in the U.S.  According to their website, 1 in 7 Americans, including 1 in 5 children, struggles with hunger. The organization has helped 46 million people, and they give 98% of the donations they receive to the local programs that serve those in need.

Here’s what inspired Dyanne, in her own words:

“I‘ve always supported causes that help feed hunger. I believe no one should ever be without food or shelter. This year I turned 44 and thought it would be pretty amazing to raise 44,000 meals in celebration of 44 years of life.

I’ve started this private Facebook Group and I’ll be sharing different ways to contribute to this cause, from a fun Pampered Chef Party, to Auction Items and Soulful Interviews with amazing women.

$1 provides 11 meals. A small donation can provide a lot of meals. It doesn’t take much to make an impact.”

Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Dyanne has teamed up with Pampered Chef to create a Fundraiser Catalog Show. You can click the link to order your products by October 12, 2016, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit 44 Thousand Meals.
  • Soulful Interviews and Auctions will begin the week of October 10th. If you’re interested in providing a service to auction off or have additional questions you can reach Dyanne by clicking here. 
  • Join the campaign’s Fundraising Facebook Group for the latest updates on raffles and other fun events you can participate in. Don’t forget to ask your friends to join too!

Be on the lookout for Dyanne’s Dream Project of the Month Winner’s Page later this month, where you can find additional information on even more 44 Thousand Meals campaign events that she’ll be launching over the next few months!

Update 10/13/2016: You can now donate directly at this link! https://www.facebook.com/donate/1341947959173166/



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  1. What a fabulous project to be a part of! I love that the focus is on those in America who need help. Our family supports some children over seas but support is desperately needed here in the states, too. Thanks for sharing about this so we can get involved.

  2. This is absolutely awesome! I will definitely be donating on behalf of me and my family.

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