Spirit Guide Relatives, Giving Friends, & Lessons in Letting Go

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Some points in our lives come along to shake us to the core in order to allow us to “shake off” the traits that once served us well, but were only meant to be front and center for a season. These are the attributes we develop that carry us through the heat of summer; they help us to understand how to push past our limits and overcome the obstacles that pop up on our life path. Self-reliance, resilience, persistence; self-empowerment: all of these characteristics are essential ingredients to living a life in alignment with our Higher Self’s goals and dreams.

Yet cooler winds eventually blow in to relieve us of our blistering toil, and when they do it can feel like we are losing control. Change of any type can seem unnatural at first, even when this change offers us a welcome respite from all our struggles. This new season of fairer weather has its lessons too: trusting, receiving, and letting go to let God.

When this internal seasonal shift occurs, it happens not through a change in weather, but instead through synchronicities of the Soul. These nudges from the Universe are our signs that something is amiss, and “business as usual” no longer applies. We may find ourselves thinking more about the Big Picture, and asking such questions as ‘what am I meant to do next?’ or ‘how can I move this goal forward’?

Another clue emerges to show us that we’re moving from “self-empowerment” to “receiving” mode. The spirit world moves front and center, and our current spiritual life – praying, meditating, listening to our intuition – is often supplemented by an inner prompting to pay even closer attention to the signals that the Universe is now trying to convey.

This inner prompting can show up in a myriad of forms. In my own case, a work client and I got to chatting one day and it turned out that he had attended high school with a relative of mine who had passed away some years ago. This same relative happened to be on my mind for about a month prior to this conversation. After speaking with my client, I found myself constantly thinking about my relative, and the sense of needing to ‘speak’ to him – to say hello, I love you, you’re so missed – grew and grew.

At the same time this was happening, I was hitting a wall of frustration, feeling like I’d done all I could to make my dreams grow bigger and flourish. What began coming through after I reconnected spiritually with my relative was ‘Ask for help.’ Of course, being the independent, stubborn, and oppositionally defiant type, I initially chose to interpret this loving message of guidance as ‘keeping pushing ahead solo’. Turns out, I misinterpreted. Shocking, I know.

Once I did ask for my relative’s help (with a simple prayer of ‘help please’), I was immediately prompted, via a very strong intuitive nudge, to contact a dear friend. She gave me just what I needed. One of her gifts to me was this wise advice: that I deserved to receive for having first given, and that this giving, combined with letting go and letting the Universe work its magic, is always the key to receiving.

This experience developed in me a belief that receiving flows smoothly when we ask for help,  follow the promptings of our Soul, and then – and this is the big one – step back out of our own way. The beautiful irony of this letting go is that when we disconnect from controlling everything, we’re able to connect with generous Souls, and with our own ability to attract abundance into our lives.

The season of receiving is meant to be a refreshing cycle during which our newfound abundance is used to uplift not only ourselves, but also to receive joy by helping to uplift others. Rebecca O’Dwyer captures the heart of this flow when she says:

“Giving feels fantastic and for there to be a Giver, there must be a Receiver, so allowing yourself to receive is an act of love.”



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2 thoughts to “Spirit Guide Relatives, Giving Friends, & Lessons in Letting Go”

  1. Beautifully written and so true. I especially loved this, “receiving flows smoothly when we ask for help, follow the promptings of our Soul, and then – and this is the big one – step back out of our own way.” It’s so difficult but so crucial to be able to step back out of our own way. I’m working on this (self-professed work in progress here).

  2. Thank you Julie! Yes, it’s a huge challenge for me as well – i’m starting to wake up with this mantra “Let go. Just let goooo” ha! Kind of silly, but it seems to be working.

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