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In the Spotlight: Out of the Closet

A thrift store and so much more in Columbus, Ohio!

Today, I had the pleasure of walking into thrift shop gold, and walking out with much more than some sweet threads. After work, I drove to Out of the Closet, a super cool place on the corner of 5th and High Street.


I had driven by before, and though I always wanted to stop by, just never made my way through the doors before today. After finding out that my friend Derek used to work there, and finding out about the amazing work they do through the thrift shop, and their social programs geared toward community health, I had to get there to check everything out.


The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how great the energy was. Looking around I saw a thrift shop with a heart, and an equally fantastic front line—clerks willing to help and have conversation with the patrons who came in. Never did I feel rushed, or that I was bothering anyone and I came in around the time they were about to close.  After meeting everyone and shopping around, I asked questions, took pictures and realized that I had to bring this store into the spotlight this week.


Not only can you call for FREE large item donation truck pickup, customer service is an art here, and they do a great job with helping people take control of their sexual health in a confidential and respectful way–which is the way it should be.  This is truly a shop with soul.


I highly suggest you check them out. This store is the epitome of cool. Shop for trendy, unique additions to your wardrobe, donate to the cause by cleaning your house, get educated about the importance of knowing your status, and actually get your status in a compassionate and respectful environment without judgement.


Out of the Closet is a true gem in the heart of Columbus! Not only are they doing heartfelt work, they help you look fashion forward while you help them pay it forward–changing lives for the best.


Many thanks to Derek, Anastasia and Raven–without you, this blog post and my new, unique threads would not have been possible.

Get connected:

Address: 1230 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

Hours:  Every Day 10AM–7PM

(Except Sundays: 10AM-6PM)

Phone: (614) 291-2680

Links to Learn More:


Image Credit: Trina Noelle

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4 thoughts to “Random Sagittarian Bluntness on Location: Hip, Local and Fab!”

  1. Thanks for reading! I happened to go there totally on a whim and so glad I did. They also have different locations out of town as well–check their site for one that might be closer to you. They are originally based out of California. 😁

  2. Cool! So you are a thrifting veteran with them! Great to have your viewpoint on the long term. I love thrift stores and being able to add one to my list that truly helps others is a big plus!

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